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Learn the latest information about dairy nutrition and management at the 2022 Four-State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference on June 1 and 2 at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, Iowa. This conference features information on improving transition cow performance as well as other pertinent information.

RP Nutrient’s pre-conference symposium focuses on uncovering profit opportunities. Anita Menconi, Evonik, will provide an overview and outlook of the global dairy nutrition industry. Jesse Goff, Iowa State University, will cover common pitfalls when feeding a low DCAD diet. Milk Money CEO Jay Joy will discuss how to develop your business by developing your people and Mark Hanigan, Virginia Tech, will show how to balance for amino acids using the NASEM 2021 model.

Four State conference speakers include Tom Overton, Cornell University, discussing how to feed fresh cows for improved health and performance. Jim Drackley, University of Illinois, will be talking about rethinking the transition period and Heather White, University of Wisconsin will explain about using short term choline supplementation to provide long term benefits.

June 2 speakers include Mary Beth Hall, USDA Forage Research Center, providing a NASEM carbohydrate requirement update. Lance Bauguard, Iowa State University, will discuss how transition cow myths can influence the interpretation of a nutritionist’s success. Gavin Staley, Diamond V, will cover why heifer maturity matters.

Select breakout topics include:

  • Relationship between transition cow nutrition and management strategies and outcomes
  • Utilizing alternative feeds for profit and sustainability
  • Heat stress indicators in dry cows and pre-weaned calves
  • Developing your people for high performance
  • Why productive life matters
  • Dry off inflammation and transition cow performance
  • Alternative forages for dry cows
  • Modifying milk components
  • Circadian feeding strategies to improve performance

Zinpro’s post-conference symposium includes Jeff Firkins, Ohio State University, talking about the role of essential isoacids in improving rumen function. Andrew LePiere will discuss quantifying and modeling branch chain VFA in CNCPS. Dana Tomlinson will discuss how essential isoacid’s can improve dairy profitability.

In addition to the educational program, there is a trade show with 50 companies exhibiting their latest products, evening receptions and plenty of time to network with other participants. Continuing education credits are available.

This conference is a collaborative effort of Iowa State University Extension, University of Illinois Extension, University of Minnesota Extension and University of Wisconsin-Extension.

For more information and to register, visit or contact Wisconsin Agri-Service Association, 608-223-1111, or Jim Salfer at or 320-203-6093. The conference registration fee is $150 until May 20 and $175 after that.

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