Fendt "Build and Quote" Website Makes Choosing and Pricing New Tractors Faster and Easier

Fendt "Build and Quote" website lets producers configure and price new tractors from the comfort of home

Build and quote logoFarmers shopping for new tractors from Fendt® can easily configure, price and compare the newest equipment right from their home office using the new Fendt "Build and Quote" website found at http://buildandquote.fendt.com/. The newly launched online tool simplifies the initial shopping process by allowing farmers to sort through available equipment options and design a tractor to fit the unique needs of their individual farming operations.

"The ‘Build and Quote' equipment configuration tools we've created are user friendly and intuitive to use," explains Tim Lyon, sales operations director at AGCO. "By using these tools to learn about the products available, farmers will be able to get a better understanding of the many features and options available and receive the list price online automatically. They can mix and match the various options before requesting a formal quote or before visiting the dealer to finalize the machine configuration."

Create "Build" summary, request official "Quote"
The "Build and Quote" website for Fendt is designed to educate customers about options, guide them through the process of choosing the right tractor and help them connect with their local dealer to request a quote. During the process of configuring the equipment, comprehensive product information on options such as seats, transmissions, weights, hitches, guidance and cabs is provided. Quick-links to pop-up screens provide a simple, yet detailed explanation on the importance of the option and differences in choices available.

After working through the online "Build" process, customers may choose to request a formal quote from their choice of one of the three closest dealers. Dealers are notified of the request for quote via email and receive the build summary and optional trade-in, financing and warranty information if provided by the customer.

Since major farm equipment purchase decisions are rarely made overnight and often involve several members of a farm business, each detailed build summary with the list price may be emailed and printed for future reference. Also, the website may be shared with others using Facebook, Twitter or other social media options.

A comprehensive shopping experience
Along with product information, the site provides an array of shopping tools to help customers prepare for an upcoming purchase. Visitors can compare models to those of the competition using AGCO Compare, view product information, use a payment calculator, learn of purchase incentives and link to AGCO Finance for details on financing options.

"In addition to providing our customers the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their farm office, the new "Build and Quote" tools are very educational. They provide full details on the equipment choices provided by Fendt. We believe this tool will be invaluable resource for customers, helping them make better informed purchase decisions and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction because they chose the right tractor and options for their operation," says Lyon. "Our site is also unique in that no registration is required, which we believe makes it easier and more convenient for customers to use the site for quotes and product information."

Customers shopping online may access the tools directly from the brand website http://buildandquote.fendt.com/. For more information about AGCO and its products, visit www.AGCOcorp.com.