AgSource Cooperative Services introduces the Herd Report Card, a new DHI benchmarking report that offers members a unique opportunity to compare herd performance with other, similar-sized dairy operations. The Herd Report Card focuses on five, key management areas: Production, Reproduction & Genetics, Inventory, Udder Health and Fresh Cow Transition. A wealth of information and large amounts of data are summarized into a neat, easy to understand, two-page format. The back page of the report graphs nine variables over a period of five years. At a glance, producers can know how their herd measures-up to industry benchmarks and track their herds' progress over time. This benchmarking tool clearly indicates strengths as well as areas that are worthy of attention. "AgSource is committed to helping our members remain competitive and profitable," states Pat Baier, Vice President of DHI Operations. "The Herd Report Card provides cutting-edge management information that enables dairymen to make sound economic decisions." Herd Report Cards will be issued twice a year, typically in January and July. Call 1-800-236-0097 to learn more and enroll your herd today. AgSource Cooperative Services provides agricultural and environmental laboratory analysis and management information services to clients located throughout the United States and across the globe. AgSource is a member-owned cooperative and a subsidiary of Cooperative Resources International. Find out more at 09.13.2011