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Sharing of real-time data between multiple machines and a seamless user experience enable greater productivity.

Case IH is proud to announce two new updates to the suite of AFS Connect™ tools available to producers: AFS AccuSync™ machine coordination and productivity-boosting AFS Connect features. With the introduction of AFS AccuSync, producers will be able to share real-time data between machines in the same field for a fully connected operation. New AFS Connect features will enable growers to use their connected fleet more efficiently than ever before, with Insights Dynamic Machine Reporting, Machine Reports & CSV Exporting, CAN Parameter Visibility and Archived Vehicle Benchmarking.

“As harvest approaches, we're excited to release tools to help producers make faster, smarter decisions while they are facing challenging weather and economic conditions,” Kendal Quandahl, AFS Marketing Manager said. “AFS AccuSync is a game changer for farmers who’ve long desired a way to intuitively manage and link their equipment and feature updates for AFS Connect give operators more ways to use data for better in-field outcomes.”

Bringing Together Multiple Machines Under One Fleet

Designed with the intent to help producers work smarter, not harder, AFS AccuSync harnesses the power of a connected fleet and puts it in producers' hands through easy-to-use, real-time data sharing technology. The result is a fully connected operation that offers greater productivity and efficiency.

With an AFS AccuSync subscription, growers can connect multiple machines in a field to ensure all operators work together efficiently by sharing coverage maps and A/B guidance lines for all seasons of use. In addition, AFS AccuSync provides producers with the following benefits:

  • Enabling section control based on operation coverage at the field level
  • Helping save on costly inputs by preventing overseeding in previously planted areas
  • Gathering more accurate data on tillage, planting, seeding, nutrient application, spraying and harvest 
  • Ensuring parallel passes by all equipment
  • Providing accurate yield maps where less-than-full swath is used
  • Preventing operators from accidentally making skips and control overlaps

AFS AccuSync offers easy setup and use parameters for maximized uptime. Users can gain access through the familiar AFS Connect management platform to make the most of existing data. Implementation and remote machine monitoring are simple for fleets of all sizes thanks to full compatibility with most Case IH equipment using 4G telematics hardware (P&CM) and the AFS Pro 700 display and/or Pro 1200 display.

“At its core, AFS AccuSync allows for easy sharing of in-field data,” Quandahl said. “When machines are operating on the same job, producers can monitor fleet progress and performance and uncover opportunities to operate even more efficiently.”

AFS Connect Updates Offer Better Data Reporting, Visibility & Navigation

With instant access to operation information, AFS Connect has made it easy for producers to manage the farm from a remote location and make smart decisions using real-time and historical data. Now, updates to AFS Connect are aimed to create a highly integrated user experience. The latest updates to AFS Connect include:

Insights Dynamic Machine Reporting: Producers now gain a daily summary of fleet-centric parameters for review, as well as additional dropdown menus to gain deeper-level reporting on specific field information. Insights deliver the value of machine data and actionable items, such as idle time and fuel use, via an easy-to-use dashboard that simplifies the data reporting process.

Machine Reports & CSV Exporting: New reporting options are available to growers under the Report Builder tab. These reports, which are exportable via .CSV file type, will be extremely useful for producers looking to generate and compile daily usage information, and for those who have tools built in other platforms that can analyze fleet metric data. The result is a straightforward delivery of fleet data to third-party software by providing that data in a compatible file conversion format.

CAN Parameter Notifications & Visibility: Previously available under the Fleet tab in AFS Connect, CAN parameters are now integrated into the Farm section, allowing producers to create custom thresholds. By setting specific trigger events for machine parameters, producers can ensure their fleet is always running at peak efficiency. This feature is also available in the AFS Connect Farm mobile app, giving customers greater access to view machine or controller generated alerts in real-time.

Archived Equipment Benchmarking: Users have requested the ability to hide or show equipment no longer in possession of the farm owner. Now, producers can make this change with the tap of a button. Archived equipment benchmarking functionality gives producers the ability to “hide” equipment as needed, giving them a cleaner user interface and easier access to equipment currently in use.

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