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As Earth Month concludes, Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production wrapped up the month with the completion of their “Advancing Sustainability” series on Food Chain Chats. This ScienceHearted series featured leaders from across the food system and Church & Dwight Co., Inc. CEO, Matt Farrell.

“As our Food Chain Chats podcast has evolved, we have been working diligently to make it a leading resource for professionals across the food system,” says Ben Towns, Global Business Director at Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production. “As we wrap up this series, we’re looking forward to bringing more #ScienceHearted sustainability experts on the podcast in the near future.”

Episode 1: Lara Moody, IFEEDER Executive Director 

The series kicked off on April 5 with Lara Moody, Executive Director of the Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER). IFEEDER supports critical education and research initiatives to ensure consumers have access to a safe, healthy and sustainable food supply. Moody joined Food Chain Chats to discuss IFEEDER’s work with sustainability and how they are advancing sustainability across the food system with their sustainability roadmap.  

"When we did the first phase of our work on the sustainability roadmap, we had 23 industry companies that were engaging with us from folks who hadn't done anything in sustainability to folks who had dipped their toes in, to folks who had full sustainability teams behind them,” said Moody. “Having all those perspectives is really important in making sure that we create resources that are usable and needed by everyone.”

Episode 2: Ashley McDonald, Assistant Vice President of Sustainability at National Pork Board. 

Ashley McDonald joined Food Chain Chats on April 12. McDonald is the assistant vice president of sustainability development and outreach for the National Pork Board. McDonald joined Food Chain Chats to discuss how the National Pork Board is helping producers meet on-farm sustainability goals, the future of sustainability in pork and more.

Episode 3: Chris Noble, Vice President, Noblehurst Farms 

Chris Noble joined Food Chain Chats on April 19 to discuss the Noblehurst Farms sustainability journey. Along with producing food on their families’ seventh-generation dairy farm, Noble and his family lead several sustainability-related businesses, including Linwood Ag and Natural Upcycling and Synergy LLC, where they collaborate with local businesses to integrate sustainable practices into everyday life. Discover what motivates Noble to take the extra initiative in incorporating sustainable practices and what benefits they bring to his business in this episode.

Episode 4: Matt Farrell, CEO at Church & Dwight 

The series concluded on April 26 with Matt Farrell, CEO of Church & Dwight. Farrell joined Food Chain Chats to discuss all the incredible work Church & Dwight has done as a pioneer and leader in the sustainability space.

“The reason why sustainability is so important to our company is because the people who founded Church & Dwight over time became environmentalists,” said Farrell. “Back in 1970, Church & Dwight was the only corporate sponsor of Earth Day. But our participation in protecting the environment dates back to the 19th century.”

Discover how Church & Dwight is working to bridge the needs, priorities and regulations of various countries to build out a comprehensive sustainability road map and the next steps in their journey on this episode of Food Chain Chats.

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