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The Consortium for Common Food Names (CCFN) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeff Schwager as CCFN’s new Chairman. Schwager brings decades of experience in the food industry – most recently serving as CEO of Sartori from 2009-2022, where he led strategic development and oversaw day-to-day operations of the company. Under his watch, Sartori grew significantly, transitioning from a respected cheese producer for restaurants and food products into a powerhouse in the retail specialty cheese market.

Schwager succeeds Errico Auricchio, who has led CCFN since its founding in 2012. A dedicated advocate for the defense of common names, Auricchio has navigated the Consortium through a decade of challenges, securing major victories for common name food and beverage producers.

“When I said yes to being CCFN’s first Chair, I couldn’t have imagined all it would turn into,” said Auricchio. “I’m proud of everything we’ve accomplished and have full faith that Jeff will continue to lead the fight.”

Founded in response to the European Union’s aggressive campaign to confiscate common names to the benefit of its own producers, CCFN racked up a number of accomplishments under Auricchio’s term. Through the courts and in negotiations, CCFN protected names like parmesan, bologna, mozzarella, feta and more from being monopolized by European producers in various markets. Last year, CCFN achieved another landmark victory when a U.S. federal court determined that “gruyere” is generic.

“I am thankful for Errico and his years of service. His fierceness and passion for doing what is right has set a tone and put CCFN in a position to succeed,” commented Schwager. “While we face many challenges around the world, I’m optimistic because of the foundation that Errico has laid, and because of the commitment that our members have for this issue. The EU isn’t going to stop fighting, but neither will we."

About CCFN:
The Consortium for Common Food Names is an independent alliance of agricultural producers. Founded in 2012, CCFN’s mission is to protect the right to use common names in marketing well-known food and beverages around the world.

Since 2009, the European Union has insistently attempted to confiscate common names – such as parmesan and bologna – for its own producers’ advantage. Across industries and continents, CCFN and its members have pushed back on these monopolization attempts. Through courts and negotiations, CCFN has successfully protected names like parmesan, provolone, bologna, mozzarella and more from European confiscation in various markets.