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A new U.S. Registered Holstein cow recently broke the record for most lifetime milk. Nor-Bert Colby Connie achieved this incredible feat with her lifetime milk production record of 486,300 pounds through her latest completed lactation. Connie has calved again and is continuing to add to the record total.

Connie has equally impressive numbers for components, with a lifetime record of 27,062 pounds of fat and 17,737 pounds of protein through her last completed lactation. These tremendous fat and protein totals are currently the highest lifetime totals for fat and protein in the Holstein Association USA database.

This new record comes in quick succession to the one set by Chrome-View Charles 3044, who achieved the record earlier this year with a total of 478,200 pounds of lifetime milk, 14,447 pounds of fat, and 12,576 pounds of protein. Having two cows break the lifetime milk production record within a matter of a few months is a testament to all that’s possible with U.S. Registered Holstein cows.

Connie is owned by Nor-Bert Farm in Bremen, Indiana. Roger and Deb Dankert farm alongside their son Jeremy Dankert and daughter and son-in-law Jennifer and Monty Freeman. Jennifer and Monty also have three children, Dalton, Dillon and Breanne, who are involved in the multigenerational farm.

The team at Nor-Bert Farm say Connie is a low maintenance cow, who prefers being alone and doing her thing – making lots of high-quality milk. With a classification score of Excellent 94 3E, Connie is easy to pick out in the barn.

“She has open ribs, a big frame, and impressive width, with a really good udder on her,” Jeremy shares. He believes these physical traits, along with good feet and legs, have also had a positive impact on Connie’s ability to produce so much milk. The 14-year-old cow has also achieved Holstein Association USA’s National Elite Performer status.

Connie’s sire is Solid-Gold Colby-ET. The Dankerts say her dam, Nor-Bert Buckeye Christy-ET, was also a good cow with solid production. “Connie’s out of a really milky family that has good records on them,” Jeremy says.

Connie’s granddam, Nordic-Haven Formation Cara, was bought by Nor-Bert Farms many years ago. Cara is also a sister to Nordic-Haven Mtoto Calico, who was a high TPI cow, and the dam of AI bull Nor-Bert Calypso. Connie herself has had nine calves, including four daughters who have been high-producing cows in the Nor-Bert herd.

For many years, the Registered Holstein cow has been known as the most efficient producer of high-quality milk. Nor-Bert Colby Connie has fed an impressive amount of people in her lifetime. These calculations help put her lifetime milk production total into perspective.

Nor-Bert Colby Connie’s 486,300 lifetime milk production record total is equivalent to:

  • 56,547 gallons of milk
  • 904,744 cups of milk
  • 48,630 pounds of cheese1
  • Enough cheese for 129,680 twelve-inch pizzas2
  • 603,168 scoops of ice cream3
  • 22,939 pounds of butter4

Her lifetime milk production total would also feed 10 people for over 80 years, if each person had the daily requirement of 3 servings of milk per day. Connie could also provide the daily dairy requirements for 301,581 people for one day.5