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Each year, Lactanet brings together dairy producers and industry stakeholders from across the country to pay tribute to top performing herds and to celebrate excellence in dairy herd management. As the gold standard for overall herd management, Lactanet’s Herd Performance Index (HPI) allows herds across the country to compare their performance with their peers. Canada’s best managed herds consistently demonstrate outstanding overall herd health and production across the HPI performance metrics.

Canada’s list of the best 25 managed dairy herds was revealed at a virtual event on February 21, 2023. The online presentation also featured top herds by province.

“Milk recording has many advantages and data is the foundation for our six herd performance indicators,” says Barbara Paquet, Chair of Lactanet Canada’s Board of Directors. “Lactanet has the ability to analyze data from milk production, udder health, reproduction, heifer rearing, longevity, and calving, to then rank and share the results of exceptional herds.”

“A commitment to best management practices is at the forefront of a high-performing herd and we would like to congratulate each and every farm that was featured at our event,” explains Neil Petreny, CEO at Lactanet Canada. “Our Best Managed Dairy Herds awards program excites both producers and our staff as the data paints a picture of each farms successes.”

In the era of data driven decision making, the relationship that the HPI provides to dairy farmers helps them understand their progress, identify trends, and set goals for high-impact results. Herd efficiency and economics work together to empower and promote forward thinking sustainable dairy practices.

Missed the event?

A video recording of Lactanet Canada’s 2022 Best Managed Herds presentation can be accessed on YouTube.

For additional details, click here for Lactanet’s list of the top 25 Best Managed Herds, as well as outstanding herd performance by province and other categories, such as milking systems and organic production.

About Lactanet Canada

Lactanet is the leading dairy herd improvement organization responsible for milk recording, genetic evaluations, herd manage software, knowledge transfer and dairy cattle traceability. As a farmer-run organization serving all Canadian dairy producers, Lactanet provides the dairy industry with products and services to help manage their dairy operation for maximum efficiency and profitability.