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BoviSync recently announced a partnership with Dairy One Cooperative, Inc. and Dairy Farmers of America. Dairy One customers will benefit from BoviSync’s cloud-based dairy management software that allows dairies to more effectively manage their herds by streamlining and simplifying daily tasks.

“We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with Dairy One Cooperative,” says Dr. David Cook, founder of BoviSync. “Our focus is simplifying the most difficult herd management tasks, so important decisions can be easier to make. Incorporating the information Dairy One collects on a daily basis will help bring added value to Dairy One customers.”

Both Dairy One and BoviSync bring tremendous value to the dairy producers they serve. Dairy One offers testing services for milk, feed, soil, and manure to help producers make more informed management decisions. BoviSync complements these services by providing dairies with a herd management platform that simplifies data collection and makes data analysis easier to accomplish. The addition of BoviSync to Dairy One’s integrated farm solutions enhances the Dairy One product portfolio to one of the more robust offerings available.

“We certainly look forward to working with BoviSync and providing this exceptional resource to our customers,” says Jim Munroe, CEO of Dairy One. “Our organization exists to help dairy farmers succeed and adding BoviSync aligns with this mission.”

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