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The evolving enhancements with the Holstein genetic formulas often result in sire summary shake ups. The subsequent summaries of International Protein Sires (IPS) resulted in enhanced genetics, however. “As a result of the recent sire proofs, we are excited about our new additions along with elevated genetics of several previously released genomic young sires. The depth of the IPS cow families have contributed to these enhancements,” said Ron Sersland, President, and CEO.

566HO1362 OUTFIT is a member of the Elite Top 200 GTPI sires of the breed at +3083 GTPI. Indicative of leadership, OUTFIT has many attributes. His components are impressive at +102 lbs. (+.25%) fat and +47 lbs. (+.08%) protein. And production increased to +785 lbs. milk. Conformation traits are also excellent at +1.36 type and +2.14 UDC. OUTFIT’s health traits make him a fitness specialist at +1220 DWP$, +1098 NM$, and +6.5 PL. OUTFIT is a rare quality in the Holstein population with an assigned aAa 216. An A2A2 sire with BB Kapp Casein, this breed improver is sired by Outcome from a Pursuit daughter and a cow family with superior components. Through extensive use for embryo transfer, OUTFIT is getting very good results, especially via IVF.

566HO1360 DEDICATED is a new IPS release at +3023 GTPI. Upholding the IPS trademark, DEDICATED is another component specialist at +97 lbs. (+.13%) fat and +64 lbs. (+.06%) protein. This Holstein sire adds further clout with milk improvement at +1,512 lbs. Staying true to IPS fitness qualities, DEDICATED is 1056 DWP$, 1096 NM$, and +5.4 PL. In addition, his 1109 CM$ is a desired bonus. His 1.7% calving ease and A2A2, adds further enhancements. DEDICATED is sired by Wheelhouse and from a Yis daughter. As expected, his cow family is loaded with high milk yield and superior components.

566HO1358 RIGHT ON-RED continues as a Red Holstein breed leader at +2726 GTPI. His leadership shows through at +1,310 lbs. milk and +2.45 type. Type traits are enhanced by +1.97 UDC and +1.16 FLC. RIGHT ON-RED is dependable for component improvement at +68 lbs. (+.06%) fat and +45 lbs. (+.01%) protein. Note that RIGHT ON-RED is only one of two Red & White bulls in the Holstein breed with these superb ratings. Additional attributes include +2.5 productive life and 1.5% calving ease make RIGHT ON-RED a true breed leader for Red & White genetics. RIGHT ON-RED is sired by McDonald while his dam is a Very Good-87 classified Altuve daughter.

566HO1359 TELEMARK PP RC gained tremendous genetic clout at +2766 GTPI. This elevates TELEMARK PP RC to the #1 Red Carrier, homozygous polled GTPI genomic tested sire of the breed. Identified as a component booster, TELEMARK PP RC is +77 lbs. (+.23%) fat and +43 lbs. (+.12%) protein. This A2A2 dehorning specialist assures solid conformation; +1.17 type and +1.61 UDC. His positive linear traits for udder are impressive. In addition, productive life ranks high at +4.4. His cow family has received little fanfare, however TELEMARK PP descends from desirable outcross bloodlines. Sired by Extra P, TELEMARK PP is from an emerging and promising Presley PP daughter. High components are a hallmark of his cow family.

These recent enhancements support the genetic strength throughout the IPS Holstein lineup. And the IPS sires ensure lasting, high performing dairy cattle for the discriminating dairy farmer. IPS semen is available in North America and around the world from company employees and independent distributors. Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, additional information is available through the IPS website, or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593