May 31 2023 09:02 AM

Berg + Schmidt will update on the efficacy of its microencapsulated nutrients at the 2023 ADSA annual meeting.

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

Berg + Schmidt Animal Nutrition will share their latest findings on the benefits of LipoAktiv Glu 60 at the annual meeting of the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) in Ottawa, Canada. The international symposium from 25 to 28 June offers a platform for educators, scientists and industry representatives to discuss the economic, nutritive and health requirements of dairy feed. Dr. Corinna Brock, Species Manager Ruminants at Berg + Schmidt, will present trial results on the benefits of rumen-protected sugar supplementation for dairy cows.

In dairy cows, microbes metabolize nutrients in the rumen before reaching the small intestine. Therefore, substances such as glucose are only present in low concentrations in the small intestine and not able to sufficiently support the re-quirement of the cow. This can become a challenge when it comes to diet formula-tions for high-yielding dairy cows.

Berg + Schmidt uses fluid bed technology to coat nutrients with rumen-stable fat. This lipid layer surrounds the sugar, ensuring stability and preventing fermentation in the rumen, which allows for high availability and targeted feeding in the duode-num. The innovative fluid bed processing technique not only improves targeted feeding of nutrients but also brings benefits in handling, as it creates free-flowing beads with easy dosing characteristics. The particle structure is uniform while the nutrient in the core is protected from environmental influences. Additionally, the cow benefits from the available energy of the fat layer.

Dr Corinna Brock, Species Manager Ruminants at Berg + Schmidt, says: “Today, the challenge for successful livestock management is in increasing efficiency while simultaneously ensuring optimal health for animals, consumers and the environment. With our natural and innovative feed supplements, we can help optimize performance, wellbeing of the animals and address economic factors.”

During the annual meeting, two lectures will be held by Dr. Corinna Brock:

“Supplementation of rumen-protected sugar decreases blood β-hydroxy butyric acid concentration and improves reproduction in fresh lactating dairy cows” (June 27, 7:30am) and “Effects of rumen-protected sugar supplementation on milk yield, subclinical ketosis and reproduction of dairy cows in the transition period” (June 26, 3pm).

On Tuesday, June 27, Berg + Schmidt will sponsor the Ice Cream Social during the symposia entitled Advances in Fatty Acid Nutrition. This break provides an opportunity for all participants to connect, relax, and reflect on what is being learned.

Throughout the annual meeting, Berg + Schmidt’s nutritional experts will be available to discuss the company’s latest research and newest trends in animal feed. Visit them at booth 409 in the Parliament Foyer.