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Dairy MAX Physician + Education Initiative works to change the behaviors of healthcare professionals with science-backed information and resources.

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The Dairy MAX Physician + Education Initiative (PEI) is designed to grow dairy consumption among patients with cardiovascular disease. The initiative provides science-backed information and resources that educate and encourage healthcare professionals to reevaluate nutrition guidance suggesting the elimination or limitation of dairy. The strategy behind this initiative is to make more quality, meaningful connections with healthcare professionals through research and data that supports dairy consumption, particularly for patients with cardiovascular disease.

According to the National Institutes of Health, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death among men and women in the United States. Countless studies indicate that people who regularly enjoy higher intakes of dairy have a lower risk of both heart disease and stroke. The PEI team aims to target the healthcare providers educating the patient, which can be most vulnerable to misinformation, and provide research and data-driven resources that explain and reinforce the benefits dairy consumption can have on their patients.

The program operates under a unique business model that focuses on in-person educational engagements with healthcare professionals, allowing the PEI team to spend most of their time building trust with physicians and mid-level healthcare providers such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and registered dietitians.

“What makes this business model unique is our team has sales and marketing expertise that enables them to have meaningful one-on-one conversations to understand a healthcare professional’s objections,” said Lana Frantzen, Dairy MAX vice president of health and wellness. “That knowledge then allows them to leverage the science to help change the hearts and minds of our healthcare professionals.”

The goal of the PEI model ultimately leads to healthcare professionals becoming advocates of dairy. By using science as the foundation for communication, the PEI team can relate to these healthcare professionals and garner trust by sharing a common interest in science and in patient health.

“Our team focuses on physicians who aren’t familiar with dairy science as it relates to health outcomes,” said Frantzen. “This allows us to share compelling science and allows patients to enjoy dairy, especially at a time when nutrition advice leans toward the elimination of dairy. It’s almost as if they’ve been waiting for evidence-based information to enjoy cheese again.”

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recognize dairy foods such as cheese, yogurt and milk as essential foods found in healthy eating patterns. These eating patterns are linked to a lower risk for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. With this knowledge the PEI team is committed to promoting the consumption of dairy and making measurable change, while exploring new opportunities where we may educate and encourage support of dairy consumption to healthcare professionals, and ultimately the patients entrusted to them.

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