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Holstein Association USA’s Research Grant Program has been providing funding to universities and non-profits in the United States performing research studies that potentially enhance the profitability of Holstein cows since 2017. Researchers are now invited to submit applications for research proposals with expected outcomes that benefit Holstein cattle.

Holstein Association USA is interested in research projects designed to advance the profitability and health of Registered Holstein® cattle. Research projects covering a wide variety of topics, such as genetics, nutrition, physiology, dairy foods, or economics, are welcome. The applications must include expected outcomes benefiting the profitability of Holstein cattle.

Executive summaries of each proposal should highlight how profit and well-being of Holstein cattle might be increased. The goal is that the research supported will benefit Registered Holsteins and the greater dairy industry.

“We are investing this money in a particular research project, because down the road when a project gets applied to the national herd, all Holstein Association USA members will benefit from it,” says Dr. Roger Shanks, Dairy Genetic Consultant, responsible for managing Holstein Association USA’s Research Grant Program.

Applications are due on or before August 15, 2023 and can be found on Holstein Association USA’s website. Grants are expected to be funded within the range of $10,000 to $80,000 per year and grant durations are expected to be one to three years.

Six research projects have been funded since the program began. A diversity of projects have been funded over the years with topics including inbreeding, twinning, the genomic evaluation of diet digestibility in Holsteins, heat tolerance, and beef on dairy.

More information about the grant guidelines and process, current projects, and applications can be found at Contact Dr. Roger Shanks at with questions or for more information about Holstein USA’s Research Grant Program.