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John Deere announced it has entered into an allied agreement with PCT Agcloud to enable grain and cotton farmers to take John Deere Operations Center™ data and seamlessly share it with PCT Agcloud.

The allied agreement enables small grains, corn and soybean growers that use HarvestLab™ 3000 Grain Sensing to generate insights and action through Protein Pro powered by PCT Agcloud. Protein Pro delivers automated cleaning, editing, multiple machine corrections, intersecting zone creation, and nitrogen removal and product replacement data (when soil test and application data is available) to Operations Center.

Customers who use Protein Pro can create immediate insights by combining protein and yield map layers that can drive better agronomic outcomes in subsequent crop years. Using the tool, farmers can also generate more accurate profit maps, nitrogen or other nutrient application maps; combine and monitor plant health with in-season images for fertility top up; and manage protein and yield to optimize yield to match soil capability.

The allied agreement also unlocks Linked Cotton™ for cotton farmers. Linked Cotton creates cotton quality layers from manual gin data imports and integrates with CottonHost (EWR), making it possible to automatically import bale quality data.

Linked Cotton automatically post calibrates yield once gin quality data is imported. If the data is not available, yield is automatically calibrated to weight from the module weighing system. If that data is not available, the yield can be manually post calibrated from ginned bale data. Farmers can link Harvest Identification, Cotton Pro data directly to the yield data from Operations Center. The app lets farmers import gin data via API or CSV, linking all quality information to the module and yield points.

Linked Cotton gives farmers more accurate post-harvest yield calibration, trial information results – and loss assessments from weather, and gives them the information to clearly understand the impact on cotton quality from operations, management and agronomic influences and decision making. When connected to Operations Center farmers can unlock advanced analytics for soil mapping, advanced cotton data features and additional agronomic decisions for higher return on investment.

To fully benefit from these applications farmers should visit or their local John Deere dealers to discuss the necessary hardware and software installation and activation requirements on their machines. Visit to learn more about Protein Pro or to learn more about Linked Cotton.

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