Aug. 2 2023 03:43 PM

First North American manufacturing facility dedicated to casein production

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Facility in Jerome, Idaho.

Milk Specialties Global (MSG), a leading manufacturer of protein and food ingredients, has announced the completion of its a new production facility in Jerome, Idaho that will produce acid casein and rennet casein products for food and industrial applications. Europe and Oceania are currently the epicenters for casein manufacturing, and the U.S. imported more than 45,000 metric tons of casein in 2020. MSG’s new Jerome facility will process 2.5 million pounds of milk per day and offer North American customers an alternative supply of domestically produced casein products.

“Our customers asked, and we listened,” says David Lenzmeier, CEO of Milk Specialties Global. “We have the knowledge and the network to create more value out of the high-quality milk produced in Idaho, so it just makes sense for us. We’re looking forward to getting to work with Magic Valley Quality Milk and our customers.”

Milk Specialties will work in tandem with Magic Valley Quality Milk (MVQM), a raw-milk cooperative that will supply skim milk for casein production. MSG’s state-of-the-art Jerome facility is built adjacent to MVQM’s milk processing facility. The two facilities are connected by a pipeline to skim milk between facilities, greatly reducing carbon emissions over the long term by eliminating the need for truck transportation.

“This is an exciting opportunity for our patron farmers,” says MVQM CEO Alan Stutzman. “Our farmers produce some of the best milk in the world and Milk Specialties is an ideal partner to convert that milk into value-added ingredients.”

About Milk Specialties Global

Milk Specialties Global (MSG) is an industry-leading manufacturer of nutritional ingredients for the health and wellness, performance nutrition and functional food industries, with manufacturing facilities in WI, MN, NE, IL and CA. The core of MSG’s business is in high-percentage protein ingredients (whey protein concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates, as well as milk protein concentrates, isolates and micellar casein), lactose and permeate as well as value added ingredients. Additional information about Milk Specialties Global can be found on