Dairymen Considering Crossbreeding Have Questions Regarding Breeds, Second and Third Generation Crosses Answered by New Crossbreeding Program

Dairymen have many questions when considering crossbreeding, specifically which breeds to use and what to do after the first generation. A new program, "Generation X", released by New Generation Genetics is designed to answer those questions. According to New Generation President Dan Gilbert, the program was designed to both answer the basic questions, and give options to the broad scope of dairymen who are considering crossbreeding. "We saw a need for a straight forward crossbreeding program which deals with the basic questions and issues dairymen have when considering crossbreeding. Generation X does just that" Gilbert said. The unique program gives dairymen three options, depending on their breeding goals, milk market and environment. Gilbert also commented, "We feel this makes the decision of what breed(s) to use quite simple. They simply need to answer what traits are most important to their operation, and pick the option that fits". An interesting component of one option is letting the cow dictate the breed to use. "Besides answering the main crossbreeding questions, Generation X stresses high quality genetics, and draws on the successes of dairymen the world-over", added Gilbert. New Generation Genetics is the leading supplier of Brown Swiss genetics in North America. Based in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin their core business is Brown Swiss. More information can be obtained by calling 920-568-0554 or by email at dan@brownswiss.com or by visiting www.BrownSwiss.com 09.30.2011