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After a trial earlier this year Blondin Sires is now offering to their clients a new service called Blondin Strategy. With the M84U software from UNIFORM-Agri and using classification results this program creates the best possible mating recommendations for farmers in Canada.

For the best result of a breeding program besides the best bulls you also need to make the right combination to have the best matching bull for each individual cow.

This is exactly how at Ferme Blondin they proudly developed the world-renowned cows Blondin Goldwyn Subliminale and Blondin Rd Unstopabull Maple-Red. All this is done by the eye and knowhow of the experts. To also have the best possible advice for all the cows of their clients, Blondin needed to automate that and found what they needed in the M84U software made by UNIFORM-Agri together with independent consultant and Mating specialist Huub Peek, who has many years of international experience in this field.

Blondin Sires was founded in 2016 by friends who had a great passion for breeding cows, that they used the best possible way on their own farm, Ferme Blondin. The same passion was used to create bulls for Blondin Sires, breeding for modern profitable cows, who can adapt to different environments and stay around for many lactations. This strategy has made Blondin Sires into a steep growing company with lots of respect in the dairy industry.

UNIFORM-Agri based in the Netherlands has been a specialist in dairy herd management software for over 30 years. This has enabled the company to become one of the most prominent international players in this specialist field. Dairy farmers in over 60 countries rely on UNIFORM dairy software to manage day-to-day operations with their cows. Fertility, production, health management and general administration all in one system is what farmers can expect with a UNIFORM program. What’s more, its integrations with various different types of sensors, like milk meters, heat detection sensors, sorting gates and many other on-farm sensors dramatically reduces the administrative work for farms.

Besides the Herd management for individual farmers UNIFORM-Agri also produced the mating software M84U and M8onPedigree and software to run the sales of semen by local organizations called Conception. This software does also do data exchange with the UNIFORM software that farmers use.

For more information, please contact either Blondin Sires: Dany Trottier at

or UNIFORM-Agri in the Netherlands at or call +31 592 39 49 59