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After more than two years of research and development, Milk Specialties Global (MSG) is launching RPMet™, a rumen protected methionine supplement for dairy cows that utilizes a Ph sensitive polymer coating. RPMet increases milk protein yields in dairy cows by delivering high levels of the amino acid methionine into a dairy cow’s small intestine. Product performance testing was conducted by the University of New Hampshire, Cornell University, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with more university-led studies being planned in the future.

“We believe in creating value for the entire supply chain. Consumer demand for dairy proteins, like whey protein isolate, continues to skyrocket and RPMet helps farmers capture more of that value in their milk check by increasing their milk protein output. This product is a high performer, no question. It’s backed by university research, and we’re excited to offer the market an American-made alternative at a competitive price.”

RPMet uses a unique polymer-based coating that is deigned to withstand the rigors of a cow’s digestive tract. Most bovine methionine supplements begin to degrade prior to reaching a cow’s abomasum, limiting the amount of this essential amino acid that reaches the cow’s stomach.

“We set out to make the best performing rumen protected methionine supplement on the market, and we think we succeeded,” says Paul Krueger, Vice President of Animal Nutrition for Milk Specialties. “We believe gram for gram, RPMet delivers as much metabolizable methionine or more than anything on the market today.”

Milk Specialties Global has been providing nutritional solutions to dairy farmers for nearly 80 years. Founded as a milk replacer manufacturer in the 1940s, MSG continues to be a leading global supplier of milk replacer. The company also manufactures to Energy Booster line of rumen bypass fat products, fed to millions of dairy cows around the globe over the past 30 years. RPMet was designed in Minnesota and is manufactured in Wisconsin.

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