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Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Open Air Flex-Pen System, a revolutionary advancement in calf housing designed to meet the evolving needs of modern farmers. This versatile system provides a range of options and configurations, making it the ideal choice for calf housing.

The Open Air Flex-Pen System builds upon the success of the Ultra Flex-Pen, incorporating innovative features to enhance calf welfare and streamline operations. This system is available in four distinct options, three lengths, two widths, and offers unparalleled flexibility for calf farmers.

Choose from 2 Options: Free-standing or Wall Mounted models

Choose from 3 Lengths: 5' Long Side Panels • 6' Long Side Panels • 7' Long Side Panels

Choose from 2 Widths: 36" Wide Front/Rear Panels • 48" Wide Front/Rear Panels

Key Features of the Open Air Flex-Pen System:

Front and Rear Metal Panels: The inclusion of galvanized steel front and rear panels facilitates exceptional air circulation while allowing easy visual access to monitor calf health and behavior.

Effortless Transition: Like its Ultra Flex-Pen counterpart, this system effortlessly transitions from single to group housing simply by detaching the side panels, providing flexibility in calf management.

Integrated Sliding Side Vents: Complying with specific regional regulations, the Open Air Flex-Pen System incorporates integrated sliding side vents, ensuring optimal ventilation for calf comfort.

Versatile Configuration: The system allows for versatile configurations, including single, paired, or group housing. It also features the Ultra Flex-Pen Group Housing bar for connecting multiple pens.

Detachable Center Panel: The lightweight indoor pen includes a detachable center panel, enabling grouping or individual housing for calves based on health or welfare needs. Pens can be extended to any desired length.

Ease of Setup and Cleaning: With self-aligning panels that use EZ-Glide Connection Tabs and Rods, the system is easy to set up and clean without compromising durability.

Bio-Security: The Open Air Flex-Pen System is designed with bio-security in mind to ensure the health and safety of your calves.

Modular Free-standing Design: No need for posts or floor installations; the units are modular and can be expanded effortlessly. They can also be wall-mounted using an optional wall mounting bracket.

Bi-Swing Front Door: The system includes a bi-swing front door for easy access, and a slam latch keeps the front gate secure.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Open Air Flex-Pen System to the market,” said Darren VanBuuren, Owner and CEO of Agri-Plastics. “This innovative solution represents a significant step forward in calf housing, providing farmers with the flexibility, durability, and convenience they need to optimize calf welfare and streamline operations.”

The Open Air Flex-Pen System is now available for purchase and is poised to transform calf housing for the better. For more information or to place an order, please visit or contact us at or 888-231-3575.

About Agri-Plastics: The VanBuuren family founded Agri-Plastics in 1995. These third-generation dairymen know first-hand the difficulties experienced on a dairy farm. They began experimenting with hutch designs to provide healthier, more comfortable environments for calves. Over the years, Agri-Plastics has listened and learned from many other producers, and they have used that knowledge to create game-changing innovations that have since become industry standards.