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Holstein Association USA members from across the country have been showcasing their Registered Holsteins at National Holstein Shows over the past several months. As the 2023 show season wraps up, Holstein Association USA is thrilled to recognize outstanding breeders and exhibitors through the All-National Showcase program.

“Animals who place in the top 10 of their class at National Holstein Shows earn points throughout the year, based on the size of the show,” says Tim Ziemba, who serves as National Show Coordinator for Holstein Association USA. “Congratulations to each of this year’s deserving All-National Showcase honorees.”

Now in its fourth year, the All-National Showcase Program recognizes U.S. Registered Holstein cows and their owners for top-notch performances at Registered Holstein shows. This year’s honorees will be recognized on Holstein Association USA’s Facebook and Instagram pages. A PDF with a complete list of honorees is also available at

Congratulations to the following All-National and Reserve All National Holsteins, along with their breeders and exhibitors!

All-National Breeder

Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY

All-National Exhibitor

Jim Butler, IL

Summer Heifer Calf

All National: MS MAPLESIDE WAR BLING-RED, Edmond Petit & Chet & Renee Baker, VT

Reserve All-National: MS LIBERTYS LEXUS, Tyler Meyer Matt Oechsle & James R Bertsch, OH

Spring Heifer Calf

All National: PEACE&PLENTY FOOT JUB192-ET, Peace & Plenty Farms LLC, MD

Reserve All-National: GENESEE ALTITUDE LEAH, Jim Butler, IL

Winter Heifer Calf

All National: CAL-DENIER-I DL ALEXUS-ET, Velthuis Farms Ltd, ON

Reserve All-National: RYAN-VU CRUSHTIM STARSTRUCK, Dylan & Cameron Ryan, WI

Fall Heifer Calf

All National: K-HURST ALLEYOOP PRIMED, K Doeberiener, D Reed, L Bowen & T Carter, OH

Reserve All-National: IN-STYLE JEWEL IN THE NIGHT, Jannalee Coleman, J Isaac Folt & Riley Whisler, NY

Summer Yearling Heifer

All National: REYNCREST TATOO AUTOMATIC, Reyncrest Farms Inc., NY

Reserve All-National: LADYS LAMBDA LOVELESS-ET, Budjon, P Vail, Genosource & Heartland Dairy, WI

Spring Yearling Heifer

All National: MS WINDBROOK LYZARD-ET, Ava Grace Hebgen & Avery Best, WI

Reserve All-National: MS BLACKJACK SK ELECTRIC, Blackjack, T Dickerhoof & G & M Schmidt, MN

Winter Yearling Heifer

All National: LEHOUX VICTOR TOPAGE, Jim Butler, IL

Reserve All-National: CAMPBELL-RUN-IHC DNV REGGIE, Randall & Patricia Kitchen & Daniel Kitchen, PA

Fall Yearling Heifer

All National: HODGLYNN UNIX RACY, Carter Kruse, IA

Reserve All-National: IN-STYLE MOMENT LAST DANCE, Crave Brothers Farm LLC, WI

Milking Yearling

All National: BLEXYS CHIEF BLOODY MARY-ET, Budjon Farms & Joey & Laurie Airoso, WI

Reserve All-National: MILKWORTH KD ADELINE, Quality Holsteins & Beckridge Holsteins, QC

Summer Junior Two-Year-Old Cow

All National: DUCKETT DOC BREE, Blackjack Holsteins & T & L Cattle Ltd, MN

Reserve All-National: JACOBS DESTINY BALLA-ET, Jim Butler, IL

Junior Two-Year-Old Cow

All National: MILKSOURCE AUDI, Milk Source LLC, WI

Reserve All-National: BUDJON-VAIL DLAM THUMPER-ET, MH Genetics & Bridgerland Holsteins, UT

Senior Two-Year-Old Cow

All National: PREMIERPOINT MAS CARMONA-ET, Maple-Leigh, Arizona Dairy & Grai-Rose Cattle, WI


Junior Three-Year-Old Cow


Reserve All-National: MCGARR-FARMS UNIX ZANY, Westcoast Holsteins, BC

Senior Three-Year-Old Cow

All National: JEFFREY-WAY HARD ROCK TWIGS, K Doeberiener, L Bowen, W Schilling & P Conroy, OH

Reserve All-National: GLENIRVINE UNIX SALLY, Milk Source LLC, L Fisher, C Letter & R Sabo, WI

Four-Year-Old Cow

All National: RYAN-VU UNIX SHASTI, Maple-Leigh Futures & Chad & Amy Ryan, WI

Reserve All-National: OAKFIELD SOLOMON SUNSET-ET, Jonathan & Alicia Lamb, NY

Five-Year-Old Cow

All National: JACOBS HIGH OCTANE DIA, Jim Butler, IL

Reserve All-National: CORNEREST D BACK LAUDIA, F. Hayden Weaver, PA

Six-Year-Old & Older Cow

All National: UNDERGROUND ADELINE, Eaton Holsteins & Glamourview - Iager & Walton, NY

Reserve All-National: ERBACRES SNAPPLE SHAKIRA-ET, Ferme Jacobs Inc., Ty-D Holsteins, Ferme Antelimarck 2001, Kilian Theraulaz, & Attaboy Holsteins, QC

150,000 Lb. Lifetime Milk Production Cow

All National: ALFINCH ZELGODIS TACI, Frank D & Carol Borba & Frank A & Diane Borba, CA

Reserve All-National: RACH-LEN DUNDEE LILLY, Eaton Holsteins, S Morrill, J Zeh & Glamourview, NY

Contact Tim Ziemba at with questions about the All-National Showcase program. Congratulations to the 2023 All-National Showcase honorees!

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