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International Protein Sires (IPS) achieved genetic advancements resulting from the December sire summaries. And they occurred in multiple facets of the Holstein lineup. “With each sire summary the IPS Holstein sires gain prestige. And new sires from proven cow families bolster the lineup. Consequently, the proven results of the IPS sires have been widely endorsed by dairy farmers throughout the world,” says Ron Sersland, President and CEO.

566HO1366 DEAL MAKER is the leading IPS genomic tested sire at +3158 GTPI. This marks the second consecutive sire summary for DEAL MAKER to be ranked in the Top 200 GTPI genomic sires. And notably, his credentials improve with each summary. DEAL MAKER is currently at +1,405 lbs. milk, complemented by +2.00 type and +2.16 UDC. His milk is enriched with a combined fat/protein value of +183 lbs. Health traits are an added bonus; +1161 NM$ and +5.7 productive life. DEAL MAKER’s +1388 DWP$ and +1180 CM$ are also superior indexes. This A2A2 sire is identified as BB Kappa-Casein. Indicative of high milk yield, DEAL MAKER’s traits for rear udder height and width are off the linear chart. The independent mating guide has identified DEAL MAKER as a source for both strength and bone substance, aAa: 462. This glowing star is sired by Overdo from a young milking daughter of Conway.

566HO1368 SEND OFF PP is a genetic leader for homozygous polled Holsteins at +2858 GTPI. A solid production improver, SEND OFF PP is +853 lbs. milk. The bull also adds component value to the milk with +86 lbs. (+.18%) fat and +57 lbs. (+.11%) protein. These yield improvements are complemented with superior conformation traits; +1.69 type, +1.88 UDC, and +1.12 FLC. This A2A2 dehorning specialist has a commendable +2.8 productive life rating. SEND OFF PP is from the highly regarded Stanton Farms in Canada. He is sired by Remover PP from a Limelight P daughter. Both his dam and grandam are classified Very Good in Canada.

566HO1369 JOHN is a new sire in the IPS Holstein barn at +3088 GTPI. JOHN is superior for milk performance at +1,484 lbs. Another value added milk bull, JOHN’s component tests are +103 (+.16%) fat and +68 (+.07%) protein. Count on JOHN to improve conformation as well with +1.24 type and +1.67 UDC. Fitness measurements are also supreme at +5.7 productive life, +1111 NM$, and +1044 DWP$. JOHN descends from a young, upcoming Parsly daughter and sired by Kahn. As expected from his ratings, JOHN’s maternal family is loaded with multi-generations of high component testers.

566HO1362 OUTFIT is among the IPS leaders at +3097 GTPI. To his early transmitting credit, OUTFIT is siring high ranking GTPI sons and daughters. A bull demonstrating transmitting qualities, OUTFIT continues to improve across the board. High components are notable at +102 lbs. (+.24%) fat and +49 lbs. (+.08%) protein. Production is also on the rise at +875 lbs. milk. Conformation traits are showing improvement with each sire summary as well; +1.52 type and +2.23 UDC. A notable fitness specialist, OUTFIT’s productive life is +6.1 along with +1229 DWP$, and +1078 NM$. Note that OUTFIT has been assigned 216 by aAa, a rare quality in the Holstein breed. An A2A2 sire with BB Kappa-Casein, OUTFIT is sired by Outcome from a young high testing Pursuit daughter.

These recent advancements along with new young genomic tested sires support the genetic strength of the IPS Holstein lineup. IPS sires represent durable, high producing dairy cattle, requirements of today’s dairy farmers. IPS semen is available in North America and around the world from company employees and independent distributors. Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, additional information is available through the IPS website, or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593