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Logistical prowess and personalized support are must-haves with next-generation crops

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“The buck stops here,” says Ty Marker, a seed dealer with Marker Ag, a Nebraska-based, independent retailer of farm products that’s been in business for 25 years. “I’m only as good as the person who stands behind me, so I’m choosey about my affiliations. I need supplier partners who understand how our operation works and our needs.”

Over the past 12 years, his dealership has delved into the wheat, rye, oats and grass seed markets. That led Marker to Renovo Seed™ and a partnership that has driven confidence in their direction forward and exploring new things. “Having the support system and personal relationship with Renovo Seed has been phenomenal. It has helped us grow.”

Rising demand for additional cropping systems

Demand for additional cropping solutions has climbed in recent years amid an increase in forage prices, according to Marker. “Nebraska farmers are seeking alternatives for either selling a hay crop or a grazing option.”

Casey Schroader, with Dakota Vision Ag based in South Dakota, says demand for these additional cropping solutions has increased over the past five years, with government conservation efforts contributing to rising interest in practices like cover cropping.

Looking beyond sales of corn hybrids and soybean varieties, Dakota Vision Ag’s seed business has been split between forages and cover crops. “South Dakota has many cows and dairies, so a lot of forages go in purely for that purpose,” Schroader explains. “The diversity of being able to go with hay millets and season-long grazing mixes is very useful.”

In addition to meeting a rising need, these additional cropping solutions also function as a good touchpoint for the dealer. “We get to stay in contact with our customers season-long when dealing with these cover crops and blends,” Schroader says.

Knowledgeable people an invaluable resource

Conservation programs and efforts are new territory for many producers, resulting in many questions about which product mixes to use and program terms. Having someone with the knowledge to answer those questions quickly is key.

“The people at Renovo Seed have been invaluable resources, simply explaining everything from products to seeding rates to planting dates,” Schroader says. “The Renovo team has also been involved in research projects with South Dakota State University, working toward seed solutions for the unique challenges of our area, such as salt-tolerant alfalfas for our high-saline soils.”

Marker has also been impressed with the knowledge and passion of his account manager. “Bringing a quality product and the service it requires helps set dealers and producers up for success.”

Logistics critical in this market

Planting cover crops or forage mixes is largely weather dependent. Therefore, quick shipping and flexibility is key for dealers like Schroader and Marker. “I can rely on Renovo Seed to deliver, and I never question whether the quality will be good. That goes without question,” Marker says.

Deeming Renovo Seed a “logistics rockstar,” Marker praises the company’s willingness to work through unique crop needs. “They understand being a smaller, independent business in a big, corporate world.”

Diverse offerings for wide range of customers

Because his customer base ranges from a traditional producer to a progressive farmer interested in cutting-edge solutions, a diverse product line is a must for Marker. “Renovo Seed has offerings for about anyone,” he says. “Their knowledge of those products and marketplace price points set the company apart.”

Marker expects to sell a lot of alfalfa in 2024, in addition to the usual oats, millets, forages, sorghum, wheat, rye and triticale. Cover crops are also taking hold in his area of Nebraska.

Schroader’s South Dakota customers range from cattle producers looking for forage to conservation-focused producers putting acres back into grass and using pollinator mixes. His top sellers include hay millet and rye. Producers have also been pleased with Renovo’s All-American mix, which helps prepare seedbeds while fulfilling NRCS cover crop contracts.

Complete seed solution providers

“Renovo Seed makes it easy and profitable for dealers to add seed solutions that complement any portfolio, answering a growing need for streamlined logistics, support beyond the bag and a simplistic selling approach,” says Matt Metzger, a sales account manager with the company. “Those additional cropping solutions enable dealers to bring true value to their customers and position them as complete seed solution providers. We’re actively working to expand our dealer network.”

Contact Renovo Seed to learn more about Renovo’s tailored, profitable solutions and how to join their growing network of dealers.

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