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OSHA requires that businesses maintain a running account of injuries and illnesses that occur in the workplace. The logs must be completely and accurately filled in and completed. At the end of the year, these figures must be reported to OSHA or other report collection agencies to determine if the rate of injuries and illnesses falls within the norm for that industry sector.

Over reporting injuries and illnesses or under-reporting such numbers can result in problems, both internally in a company, as well as with the regulatory agency. Accurate reporting is imperative and is a good tool to use in determining problem areas in the company’s business operation.

The objective of this instructor_led Live session is to train and educate attendees about the proper way to collect injury and illness data for the workplace; how to use and analyze the data; how to determine what information must be recorded and how to determine if your workplace is eligible or exempt from OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping requirements. In addition, there have been recent changes in the OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping requirements that every business owner must know and must comply with.

This 3-hour virtual seminar will help those tasked with filling out and maintaining OSHA Injury and Illness logs in the following:

  • A complete description of how to fill out injury and illness reports
  • Criteria to use in determining whether an injury or illness should be reported on the OSHA Log
  • What constitutes an injury vs. what constitutes first aid?
  • Understand the purpose of the OSHA Injury and Illness logs and forms
  • How to calculate lost workdays? A discussion of filing reports, counting days away from work
  • Techniques to assure that the information contained in the logs remains confidential
  • How to use the data collected?
  • How to calculate incidence rates and compare your business to similar businesses like yours
  • Changes to the companies covered by the regulation and to the reporting requirements
  • How to calculate injury and illness rates for their workplace?
  • How to determine the difference between an injury and illness and first aid
  • Determination of who should be included on the OSHA Log
  • The importance of restricted work policies
  • Conclusion

Join us for this highly-interactive, educational and immensely beneficial Webinar!

  • Topic: 3-hr Virtual Seminar: OSHA Injury and Illness Record Keeping Compliance
  • Date: 20th, December, 2023, Wednesday
  • Time: 1:00 PM EST - Duration: 180 Minutes
  • Location: Live, interactive training on your computer
  • Includes proprietary tools and helpful documentation!

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This course has been approved by HRCI as eligible for 3 credits towards a participant's recertification upon full completion.

Instructor profile: Irwin Dobrushin has over 38+ years of experience in the Environmental, Health, and Safety Profession. Throughout his career, he has provided comprehensive health and safety support and services in a variety of business settings including consultation and industrial/manufacturing settings: including steel and metal production, metal fabrication, organic and inorganic chemical manufacturing that has included the production of chlorine, chlorinated methanes, isocyanates, coal-based chemicals, formaldehyde containing products, nuclear fuel manufacturing.

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