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RCI Engineering is pleased to announce it has received a 2024 AE50 award for the T8088 Ag-Bagger from the American Society of Agriculture and Biological Engineers.

The AE50 Award is presented to top companies bringing new technology and innovation in agricultural equipment to the market.

The T8088 Ag-Bagger features many engineering features unique to a Pull-Type Ag-Bagger including the industry’s widest 104-inch rotor, 12-foot tunnel and an Anchor Positioning Control System.

The T8088 Ag-Bagger was designed specifically for larger forage and dairy operations. “This machine features faster unloading, greater capacity, and simple to use controls,” says Randy Clark, CEO of RCI Engineering. “The 104-inch rotor promotes faster unloading with larger forage trailers and boxes as dairy operators increase their forage acreage and harvesting capacity.”

The T8088 Ag-Bagger utilizes an Anchor Positioning Control System to maximize compaction and bag density with two anchors to control the bag pack. The anchors are controlled inside the Ag-Bag through internal cables and a hydraulic cylinder. Additional resistance for density control is provided by adjustable, hydraulic wheel brakes. This proven compaction system has been utilized on the Self-Propelled Ag-Baggers for over 20 years, but until now was not feasible in a side-conveyor Ag-Bagger. The result is a tractor-powered Ag-Bagger without a backstop or cable braking system.

“For the first time, enhanced technology and engineering has allowed this commercial forage system to be utilized on the Pull-Type Ag-Baggers allowing operators a simpler, more effective system” says Taylor Weisensel, Global Sales Director. “Operators can also switch between Ag-Bags faster and place the Ag-Bags closer together on their feed pad allowing more feed stored than before.”

The 12-foot or 10-foot interchangeable tunnel will allow operators more flexibility for their forage face depending on the forage stored. For the first time, an operator can utilize a 12-foot, 500-foot-long bag on a Pull-Type T8088 Ag-Bagger. Operators now have more options for feed storage with traditional forages like corn or alfalfa forage as well as commodities such as high moisture corn or chopped straw. The T8088 Ag-Bagger has been designed to allow dairy producers to segregate their feeds while maximizing butterfat and protein components, increase forage storage capacity, take advantage of tight forage harvesting windows by increasing throughput, and to make better forage faster through ease of operation. RCI Engineering is proud to be recognized with this award which is dedicated to honoring groundbreaking product advancements within agriculture, food, and biological systems.

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About ASABE: ASABE is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems. Further information on the Society can be obtained by visiting