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KUHN is offering a new generation of round balers, enabling producers to meet the challenges of tomorrow with simple, yet reliable designs. The VB 3200 Series offers a wide range of variable chamber round balers to match the needs of any operation. Also available as a baler-wrapper combination, the VBP 3200 series.

OptiFeed, OptiCut, and Direct Feed intake options allow operators to tailor the machine to best meet their crop needs. The OptiFeed intake is a non-cutting rotor that provides consistent flow of the crop into the bale chamber. The OptiCut rotor offers excellent cutting quality and intake potential. The Direct Feed intake, available only on VB 3255-3285 models, allows for unrestricted intake and is designed to handle dry crops with ease.

The bale chamber on the VB 3200 Series consists of three rollers and five belts. This bale chamber design provides fast, consistent core formation. In addition, the bale chamber cleaning system features a combination of several cleaning rollers and scrapers to help maintain peak performance levels while baling in adverse conditions. The VB 3260-3290 features heavy-duty bearings and reinforced high-loaded rollers, in addition to an optional secondary drive.

Standard on all KUHN variable chamber balers, Progressive Density provides users with the well-shaped, solid bales they demand. As the bale grows, the belt tensioning arms are subject to steadily increasing resistance from hydraulic cylinders and a spring. The result is a very firm bale with a moderate core – not too soft, not too hard. VB 3260-3290 models offer the option for Progressive Density Plus, featuring an increase of up to 10% more density in dry crops.

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