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Bold changes are on the horizon for the iconic New Holland round baler portfolio. Get ready for a bright new era. In 2024, New Holland proudly marks a significant milestone: 50 years of producing cutting-edge round balers. Amid the celebration, the brand is revealing advancements to the portfolio featuring a bold color change and the debut of new technology designed to simplify the custom baling experience.

A New Day

Beginning in 2024, New Holland is steering toward a unified brand image and global identity with the transition of its haytool styling to a striking yellow. New Holland is aligning its brand to present the cohesive and powerful message of blue tractors and yellow harvesting implements, including haytools, with sleek, “Inspired by Nature” styling globally.

Yellow, chosen for its sleek and vivid appearance, goes beyond aesthetics. The color serves as a beacon, highlighting the technological advances and innovations coming down the pipeline for New Holland haytools. It illuminates a brighter future for customers and operators around the world.

As New Holland embraces this transformative journey, the yellow transition begins with commercial haytools for late model year 2024, then unfolds in model year 2025 to include the Pro-Belt™ round balers.

“Transitioning our haytools to vibrant yellow isn’t just about a color change. It’s a bold statement on our future,” states Carlo Lambro, brand president of New Holland. “This shift marks our dedication to pushing boundaries and providing farmers with tools to not only stand out in the field but also improve their efficiency and experience.”

Making Custom Baling Easier

In a strategic move to modernize custom round baling, New Holland has unveiled its latest innovation, the Bale Manager app. This technology allows operators and customers to simplify and streamline baling data from their smart devices, including:

  • Store data: Baling data can be stored on a mobile device or tablet.
  • Monitor baling activity: Capture bale count, size and moisture in real-time.
  • Simplify accounts receivable: Capture the job and invoice customers from the tractor cab. Professional invoices are created and can be sent by text, email, WhatsApp or directly to a wireless printer.
  • Export data: Invoice data can be exported as a .pdf, .qif (Quicken® Interchange Format) or, coming soon, .csv for spreadsheets.
  • Search through completed jobs: In the app, data can be filtered by bale count, date, crop type, field name, customer name or invoice status to locate data from prior work.

The app is compatible with Roll-Belt™ Series round balers equipped with the Bale Command™ II PLUS electronics system. Bale data communicates seamlessly to the app via a Bluetooth module that connects to the diagnostic port on the monitor harness.

Available for download on the App Store and Google Play platforms with the necessary components readily accessible from a local New Holland dealer, the app is a versatile solution for custom baling operators to capture data and streamline efficiency in customer service and invoicing.

“With the Bale Manager app, we’re not just counting bales. We’re elevating the way custom operators manage their business,” explains Brad Littlefield, precision marketing manager, dairy and livestock segment for New Holland. “Streamlining custom baling processes, eliminating hassles and ensuring prompt invoicing, this app brings efficiency, convenience and peace of mind to every bale. It’s a digital leap forward from the traditional notebook and pen to a user-friendly app that better connects operators with their customers’ data.”

Rolling Through Time: 50 Years of New Holland Round Balers

Since 1974, New Holland has been on the forefront of round baler innovation, charting a legacy rolled into bales ‘round the world. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of its round balers, a year-long celebration of prizes is in store for New Holland owners who have made this legacy possible. To participate, New Holland round baler owners can submit their story and a photo of their baler online or by scanning a QR code at their local New Holland dealership for a chance to win a commemorative prize pack.

Fifty lucky winners will receive an exclusive prize pack with 50th anniversary stickers and decals, a 50th anniversary hat, a special edition 1/64 2024 farm show toy set featuring a T6.180 tractor with a Roll-Belt 560 round baler and more. Selected submissions from the giveaway will be featured on New Holland’s social media platforms throughout 2024.

This milestone is not solely a reflection on the past but a glimpse into the future. New Holland recognizes the evolution of its round balers over the past 50 years and its role as an innovator in shaping the next chapter of haytool technology. In tandem with this celebration, New Holland has deepened its commitment to customer satisfaction by offering the industry-leading 2+3 Warranty on round balers. “From the hitch to the bale ramp, two full years or up to 15,000 bales of factory coverage are standard, plus an additional third year or 22,500-bale pickup coverage,” states Jordan Milewski, senior brand marketing manager, conventional haytools for New Holland.

“As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of New Holland round balers, we reflect on a legacy defined by a continuous pursuit of innovation and reliability in agriculture,” Milewski adds. “Each dense square-shouldered bale symbolizes a golden testament, marking five decades of steadfast commitment to baling excellence.”

For more information on the round baler updates or the anniversary celebration, visit or your local New Holland dealer.