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VES-Artex is proud to introduce the Intelligent Soaker 2.0, a cutting-edge soaking system designed to revolutionize cow cooling while drastically reducing water usage on dairy farms. Located in Chippewa Falls, Wis., VES-Artex has engineered this innovative solution to address the pressing challenges of heat stress mitigation and sustainability in dairy operations.

Key features of the Intelligent Soaker 2.0 include:

  • Intelligent Sensor Technology: The system utilizes intelligent sensors to detect the presence of cows and spray water based on temperature setpoints, ensuring targeted cooling precisely when and where it's needed.
  • Water Reduction: Test sites have shown remarkable results, with an average water reduction of 50% and up to 70% compared to traditional soaking systems. This significant reduction in water usage not only promotes sustainability but also helps dairy producers conserve resources and reduce operational costs.
  • Easy Installation and Compatibility: The Intelligent Soaker 2.0 is designed for easy installation and is compatible with existing systems, making it a convenient upgrade for dairy farmers seeking to enhance their cooling infrastructure.
  • Durable Design: Constructed with durable stainless-steel nozzles, the system is built to withstand the rigors of daily farm operations, ensuring longevity and reliability.

For dairy producers seeking to adopt sustainable practices and enhance cow comfort, the Intelligent Soaker 2.0 offers a compelling solution that aligns with industry demands and environmental stewardship.