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Kuhn announces its plans to exhibit strip-till technology in the nation’s capital, May 6-8, 2024. During the Celebration of Modern Agriculture on the National Mall, the latest sustainable farming innovations in strip-till and fertilizer application will be on display during AEM’s “Ag on the Mall – The Future of Food and Farming” event.

This is the second year KUHN has participated in the AEM educational and advocacy event. KUHN will display a Gladiator® 1210 8-row folding strip-till machine with the Montag® Gen 2 9-ton dry fertilizer system.

In addition to the Gladiator strip-till machine, the KUHN display will also highlight options for precision nutrient application and specifically how to take best advantage of manure from livestock operations to eliminate overapplication and increase sustainability.

The Future of Food and Farming on the National Mall celebrates and showcases America’s equipment manufacturers, farmers, ranchers, and innovators, working together to drive the tradition of producing more with less environmental impact. The event is open to the public and all are encouraged to join us on the National Mall to interact with the equipment and get an up-close look at the machines that are often only seen on America’s farm fields.

Kuhn North America, Inc., of Brodhead, Wisconsin, is a leading innovator in agricultural and industrial equipment. KUHN offers a broad range of hay and forage, livestock, and crop production tools, as well as landscape and road maintenance equipment. KUHN, KUHN Knight and KUHN Krause products are sold by farm equipment dealers throughout the United States, Canada and many other countries.