May 20 2024 04:50 PM

Premier Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference set for June 5 and 6

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Learn the latest information in dairy nutrition and management by attending the 2024 Four-State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference on June 5 and 6 at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, Iowa. This premier conference will feature the latest information to improve productivity and profit.

Balchem’s pre-conference symposium will focus on amino acid nutrition. Mark Hanigan, Virginia Tech will cover amino bioavailability. Dr. Alex Hristov, Penn State, will talk about Histamine as a limiting amino acid and Chan Lee, Ohio State will be discussing cow response to lysine. Dr. Jose Santos, Florida State, will help participants learn about amino acid balancing for early lactation cows.

Four State conference speakers include Michigan State’s Dr. Mike VandeHaar discussing feeding and managing cows for high production and health. Bill Weiss, Ohio State University, will talk about feeding to reach higher peaks and Jose Santos will talk about feeding to prevent mineral related diseases in early lactation.

The other general session includes Dr. Rick Grant, Miner Institute, will discuss the optimum ratio of corn silage and alfalfa:grass in dairy diets. Alex Hristiv will cover how feeding strategies can reduce the carbon footprint of milk and Dr. Luiz Ferraretto, University of Wisconsin, will talk about how different forage physical and chemical characteristics influence ration performance.

Select breakout topics include:

  • Balancing for milk protein and butterfat in lactation diets.
  • Understanding ketosis: beyond the norm, before the storm.
  • Feeding strategically throughout lactation to promote milk and health.
  • Overcrowding and response to the formulated ration.
  • Impact of dry matter intake during the transition period on uterine health and fertility.
  • Fatty acid supplementation strategies for early lactation cows.
  • Optimizing IVP embryo transfer in dairy herds.
  • Strategies to improve heifer reproductive performance and reduce heifer rearing costs.

Perdue’s post-conference symposium includes Dr. Geoffrey Zanton, USDA Dairy Forage Research Center talking about the latest research in dairy cows response to protein and amino acid supplementation. Dr. Kein Harvatine, Penn State University, will discuss the importance of de novo fatty acids in driving milk fat synthesis and Dr. Adam Lock, Michigan State University will provide insight into the importance of preformed fatty acids in driving milk fat synthesis.

In addition to the educational program, there is a trade show with over 40 companies exhibiting their latest products, evening receptions and plenty of time to network with other participants. CEU credits are available.

This conference is a collaborative effort of Iowa State University Extension, University of Illinois Extension, University of Minnesota Extension and University of Wisconsin-Extension.

For more information and to register, visit or Jim Salfer at or (612) 360-4506.

Source: Jim Salfer, Extension educator dairy systems, U of M Extension Regional Office, St. Cloud— 320.203.6093,

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