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Low Carbon Technologies (LCT) and Resonant Technology® Group have entered into a distribution agreement to expand LCT’s product offering to maximize the productivity and sustainability of livestock operations. LCT was founded in 2023 as Select Sires Inc.’s sustainability division, committed to helping producers add value to cattle raised efficiently through low carbon practices. The extensive portfolio of manure management and animal health solutions have been developed with advanced SOP® Inside technology. SOP Lagoon specifically is the only natural manure conditioner that delivers immediate operational benefits and cost savings to producers, while mitigating harmful emissions and odors.

“The new partnership with Resonant further expands our efforts to offer new solutions to customers while pairing environmental progress with real value for dairy herds of all sizes,” said Ron Schuller, chief operating officer, Low Carbon Technologies, LLC.

The partnership announcement also marks the start of extensive SOP Lagoon field trials at seven farms across the U.S. and Canada. In 2023, joint research from the University of Milan and University of California, Davis, reported that within weeks of the first use of SOP Lagoon on a commercial 530-head dairy in Northern Italy, SOP Lagoon reduced lagoon methane (CH4) emissions by 80% and carbon dioxide (CO2) by 75%. Commencing in June 2024, the North American product evaluations will further validate the immediate effectiveness of SOP Lagoon while assessing the potential operational cost savings it delivers.

“Collaborating with Low Carbon Technologies and producers to conduct these product trials presents a remarkable opportunity to reinforce the value of SOP Inside technology and its tangible impact on the bottom lines of agricultural operations," said Michael Hoffman, partner at Resonant Technology Group. “Leveraging the distribution power of Select Sires Inc. will not only broaden our global reach but enable countless farmers and ranchers to experience the product’s unparalleled economic and environmental benefits.”

In addition to SOP Lagoon, dairy and beef producers have access to a growing list of animal health solutions that fortify animal hygiene and environmental conditions to decrease incidence of disease, costly treatments and bedding turnover.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Low Carbon Technologies, LLC is the leading provider of certified sustainability solutions, helping producers contribute to improved sustainability while earning a premium for low carbon production practices. Low Carbon Technologies’ first-of-their-kind certification programs measure and evaluate the net total GHG emissions from the entire life cycle of cattle.

Also located in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc. is committed to enhancing the productivity and profitability of dairy and beef producers. Highly fertile semen and genetic consultation are provided by three farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives domestically, while World Wide Sires, Ltd. delivers international service. As the industry leader, Select Sires Inc. supplies farmers and ranchers with the world's best genetics, services and programs.

Resonant Technology Group, based in Park City, Utah, leads in the development of advanced natural technology solutions for the agriculture sector. With a focus on increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact, Resonant’s innovative SOP Inside products and services streamline farm operations and improve farmer profitability, sustainability and animal welfare. Since its inception in 2001, SOP Inside products have been at the forefront of integrating technology with traditional farming practices.

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