June 19 2024 11:40 AM

Trudy Wastweet has been named the Chief Strategy Officer for the 10-state dairy checkoff

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Midwest Dairy is pleased to announce Trudy Wastweet has been named Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Wastweet previously served as Midwest Dairy's Chief Operating Officer (COO).

In this new position, Wastweet will guide Midwest Dairy’s strategic performance and enhance organizational health. She will lead strategic planning that delivers value to Midwest Dairy farmers through innovation, focus, and reportable impact measures. She will continue to build a positive work culture by developing processes or resources that improve employee work experience. Additionally, she will create development and training opportunities that grow job skills and add to career and professional development for Midwest Dairy staff.

A South Dakota native, Wastweet's dedication to the agriculture industry is evident in her professional journey. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Education from South Dakota State University and brings many years of professional experience to this position. Wastweet joined Midwest Dairy in 2017 and previously held the position of COO within the organization. Prior to Midwest Dairy, she served as a Director of Congressional Relations for the American Farm Bureau Federation, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture at the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, National Policy Advisor at the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, and Assistant Executive Director at the Minnesota Pork Producers Association.

"Trudy’s contribution to Midwest Dairy has been instrumental in the strategic direction of the organization to date and she can be credited with leading the efforts in identifying business objectives that deliver the most value to the investment of our Midwest Dairy farmers in recent years. I am confident that Trudy’s passion for Midwest Dairy’s mission and her strategic vision will guide the organization in a rapidly evolving dairy industry,” said Corey Scott, Chief Executive Officer of Midwest Dairy.