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The Milk Cup is part of Gonna Need Milk's efforts to connect with Gen Z. Gonna Need Milk's inaugural gaming activation at Vidcon Anaheim featured a creator competition that streamed on Twitch's front page, and the organization is committed to maintaining the momentum through this groundbreaking tournament.

Gonna Need Milk is meeting Gen Z where they are, which is in the gaming space – around 90% of teens play video games. Over the course of these past 3 years, Gonna Need Milk has activated across the gaming ecosystem with in person events, tournaments, social content, influencer partnerships, and even launched their own Discord server. Through these dynamic gaming initiatives, dairy milk has proven itself as the beverage of choice for peak performance in a way that serves as entertainment rather than advertisement. From 2022 to 2023, teens' consensus that milk fits in with today's culture climbed by about 10%, confirming milk's resurgence as an appealing beverage option!

As we know, milk provides the nutritional foundation for peak gaming performance, containing 13 vital nutrients. These nutrients are vital for brain function and can help with attention, while protein and B vitamins provide long-lasting energy during gaming sessions. Gonna Need Milk remains steadfast in nurturing these bonds with Gen Z while providing them with the essential fuel needed to excel in their gaming endeavors.