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Jefo Nutrition is pleased to introduce a new Animal Handling hub on the company’s educational stressors resource center, This new section of the site features articles and podcasts aimed at helping dairy farmers improve animal handling, maximize cow welfare and comfort, minimize cow and employee stress, plus help farmers and their employees stay safe and productive.

“The website is part of Jefo Solutions, our broad approach to helping farmers cope with everyday cow stressors and keep cows healthy and producing at a high level,” says Chris Gwyn, Jefo Nutrition North American Ruminant Business Development Manager. “We’re launching this new hub at as another tool to help reduce stress, increase performance, improve worker safety and limit potential injuries.”

The company began working on the new hub after completing an anecdotal survey asking producers which dairy cow stressor they thought had the biggest impact on them, their cows and their bottom line. “We sent the survey last summer, so I wasn’t surprised that a majority responded with heat stress, but another stressor also rose to the top of the list and was based around animal handling,” adds Gwyn. “This response confirmed the need for more resources dedicated to this topic.”

After meeting with several industry experts, Gwyn and the Jefo team developed the content for the Animal Handling topic. With the launch of this new hub, continues to expand and focus on awareness of the many different stress factors that can affect a cow’s health and performance.

Learn more at and ask your Jefo Nutrition representative about Jefo Solutions, research and resources available to help farmers understand and manage stress.

About Jefo

Jefo is a global leader in the field of high-precision, non-medicated nutritional solutions. Founded in 1982, the family-owned company markets its specific products for each animal species in more than 65 countries. To improve animal health and be the preferred partner of producers transitioning to antibiotic-free production, Jefo relies on its commitment to “Life, made easier” and its practical scientific approach. Recognized for its significant investments in innovation and development, the company offers three programs: Jefo Care — Prevention and Health, Jefo Peak — Performance and Production, and Jefo Cycle — Reproduction. For further information, please visit: