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Today, Marquis and United Cooperative announced the sale of Marquis’ Necedah, Wisconsin, ethanol facility to United Cooperative. The facility will operate under the new name of United Energy Necedah LLC. The asset sale will be effective May 31, 2024, ensuring a seamless transition for grain customers and staff.

The Necedah facility, which procures 36,000,000 bushels of regionally-grown corn annually, is a vital asset to the local community's agricultural landscape. With an annual production capacity of 100 million gallons of ethanol, along with DDGs, high-protein animal feed, and corn oil, the facility plays a vital role in supporting regional economies and meeting market demand. The ethanol facility employs more than 50 staff members and will continue to provide exceptional market access and service within the trade territory.

“The purchase of Marquis’ Necedah ethanol plant aligns with our strategic initiative of investing in agriculture, opening new markets, and providing value-added products for our member-owners,” stated David Cramer, President and CEO of United Cooperative. “This type of diversification supports our mission, our local farmers, and the U.S. economy. Our investment also promotes our sustainability efforts by continuously improving the stewardship of the air, soil, and water, safeguarding our natural resources for generations to come.”

Mark Marquis, CEO of Marquis, expressed, “The sale of our Wisconsin facility aligns with our commitment to strategic growth in developing the world’s first carbon-neutral industrial complex in Hennepin, IL. We extend our sincerest gratitude to our valued grain customers, the supportive Necedah community, and to the incredible and talented team of employees at Marquis Energy Wisconsin for their hard work and dedication. We look forward to the continued success of United Energy Necedah LLC under the stewardship of United Cooperative."

As part of the sale, Marquis will collaborate with United Cooperative to provide ongoing marketing and team support and looks forward to a prosperous future of working with the United Cooperative team.

About United Cooperative

Incorporated in 1936, United Cooperative is a full-service, member-owned cooperative offering agronomy, grain, feed, and energy products to farmers and consumers in the Midwest. United Cooperative, headquartered in Beaver Dam, WI, is also the managing partner of two other ethanol plants, United Ethanol in Milton, Wisconsin, and Carbon Green BioEnergy in Lake Odessa, Michigan. The cooperative exists to provide our patron members with the best possible value and return on investment and aims to provide all of our customers with exceptional, professional service.

About Marquis

Marquis has a long history as a family-run company spanning over 49 years and is based in Hennepin, Illinois. Sustainability is a passion for the Marquis team with a mission of innovating to create a sustainable world for future generations. Marquis Industrial Complex is situated on the Mt. Simon geological formation, with the capacity to store over 100 million tons of Carbon Dioxide. With its best-in-class logistics and global reach Marquis will lead in global decarbonization. Further information is available at