June 27 2024 03:21 PM

Lester “Bucky” Jones and Michael Brady planning for retirement.

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Bucky Jones congratulates Bradley Biehl on the purchase of shares.

Bradley Biehl, owner of AMS Galaxy USA located in Kutztown, Pa., has purchased shares of Jones Dairy Service, dba Innovative Dairy Solutions.

Lester “Bucky” Jones and Michael Brady have both sold their shares of Jones Dairy Service to Bradley, effective April 30, 2024. In addition to Bradley’s ownership, service technicians Mark Coates and Mike Hanson, Jr. are shareholders in the business.

Jones Dairy Service, based in Massey, Maryland, was started in January 1979 by Bucky Jones. It currently serves more than 900 dairy farms in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Virginia, offering route trucks, milking equipment repair and service and capital equipment sales. Jones Dairy Service sells and services Boumatic milking equipment, as well as a wide selection of chemicals, other dairy farm equipment and animal health products. Not to mention that Jones Dairy Service has been providing milking robots through AMS Galaxy USA since 2017.

Mark Coates and Bradley Biehl plan for a future together with Innovative Dairy Solutions.

“I’ve worked hard to build a business that serves dairy farmers in my region,” says Jones. “It’s important to me to hand over my legacy to someone who has the same passion for dairy farmers that I have had over the past 25 years. After partnering with Galaxy for many years, Brad has shown to model a strong desire for the success of his customers and the industry as a whole.”

Galaxy has been distributing robotic milking and dairy automation equipment since 2011 and Biehl has held ownership since 2012.

“Jones Dairy Service has been a pillar in this region for decades and I have long appreciated the friendship and mentorship that Bucky and Mike have given to me,” Biehl shares. “It’s a precious gift that these two men would allow me to continue the business, where they have put in many years of blood, sweat and tears.”

Jones Dairy Service, dba Innovative Dairy Solutions, will continue to operate and serve customers in the same fashion that it has in the past, including maintaining a strong partnership with Boumatic. Biehl plans to continue to grow the business, while Jones and Brady plan to ease into retirement.


Jones Dairy Service, dba Innovative Dairy Solutions, (www.innovativedairysolutions.com) is milking equipment dealership with a focus on the dairy farmer.

The company has a strong history of offering high quality products and services to dairy farms in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Virginia. Headquartered in Massey, Maryland, Jones Dairy Service is a complete resource for installing and maintaining dairy equipment thanks to multiple warehouses, route trucks and service technicians.