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Junior Holstein members showcased their passion for Holstein cows and the dairy industry at the 2024 National Holstein Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. From June 23 to 27, 2024, over 300 enthusiastic Junior Holstein members participated in Convention. Throughout the week, youth members engaged in various contests, enjoyed fun tours, attended enriching workshops, and forged new connections with fellow members.

“The energy at National Holstein Convention is ecstatic! Everybody is very happy to be here out in Utah at this beautiful Convention Center,” says Junior Holstein Member and DJM finalist Keenan Thygesen from Tunbridge, Vermont. “Being here is a great experience overall to connect with old friends, share memories, and talk about how we can further the Holstein cow.”

Prepared Public Speaking

Forty-eight youth members from across the country showcased their presentation skills during the Prepared Public Speaking contest. Speech topics covered a broad range of dairy industry topics, including whole milk in schools, dairy in social media, calf recumbency, dairy policy, and more.

Junior Division (ages 9-13 as of January 1)

1st place: Avery Best, Florida

2nd place: Camden Huff, Georgia

3rd place: Brady McConnel, Wisconsin

Intermediate Division (ages 14-17 as of January 1)

1st place: Atley Shafer, Maryland

2nd place: Elsie Donlick, New York

3rd place: Lilly Mills, New York

Senior Division (ages 18-21 as of January 1)

1st place: Sara Reed, Pennsylvania

2nd place: Lila Sloan, Illinois

3rd place: Elyse Dilling, Pennsylvania

Extemporaneous Speaking

This year makes the debut of our first Extemporaneous Speaking Contest, open to Juniors in the senior division. The contest is designed to help youth develop the ability to think on their feet and broaden their knowledge of dairy industry topics. Contestants were judged on organization of material, power of expression, voice, stage presence, and response to questions.

Senior Division (ages 18-21 as of January 1)

1st place: Alysha Kuhn, New York

2nd place: Chloe Breunig, Wisconsin

3rd place: Madeline Hensel, Wisconsin

Folding Display Contest

This year’s Folding Display competition, now in its 15th year, had thirty-eight entries. Participants create a free-standing display educating people about a dairy industry-related topic of their choice. Youth are divided into three age divisions, and each division has two categories - Scientific and Creative. Following are the results for each category.

Creative Division

Junior Division (ages 9-13 as of January 1)

1st place: Colton Uber, Pennsylvania

2nd place: Brinkley Burdette, Pennsylvania

3rd place: Seth Peiffer, Pennsylvania

Intermediate Division (ages 14-17 as of January 1)

1st place: Aiden Empet, Pennsylvania

2nd place: Paige McKay, Washington

3rd place: Aubree Topp, Ohio

Senior Division (ages 18-21 as of January 1)

1st place: Alex Empet, Pennsylvania

2nd place: Carlee Roell, New Jersey

3rd place: Chloee Roell, New Jersey

Scientific Division

Junior Division (ages 9-13 as of January 1)

1st place: Lydia Couch, Pennsylvania

2nd place: Kyra Lamb, New York

3rd place: Valentina Maza, New Jersey

Intermediate Division (ages 14-17 as of January 1)

1st place: Chelsea Empet, Pennsylvania

2nd place: Lydia Kaverman, Ohio

3rd place: Charlotte Quick, Pennsylvania

Senior Division (ages 18-21 as of January 1)

1st place: Cait O’Sullivan, New Jersey

2nd place: Carlee Roell, New Jersey

3rd place: Annika Donlick, New York

Digital State Scrapbook

The Digital Scrapbook Contest gives each state the chance to tell the story of activities and events their Junior Holstein associations take park in each year. Entries must be presented on a computer or another digital format and hare judges on their news clippings, photo organization, originality, and variety of activities.

1st place: Virginia

2nd place: Missouri

3rd place: Ohio

4th place: California

5th place: New England

State Banner

The state banner competition allows states to creatively showcase their associations, displayed throughout the week at the Convention. Judges assess the banners based on promotion of state, Holstein related, attractiveness, originality, and overall appearance.

1st place: Virginia

2nd place: California

3rd place: Ohio

Mission Membership

One state is recognized each year for increasing their membership. The honor is calculated on a percentage increase from January 1 to June 1 of the convention year. Pennsylvania took home the honor in 2024, with an impressive membership increase of 54 new members.

NHWSO Awards Scholarships

Three Junior Holstein members were awarded scholarships by the National Holstein Women’s Scholarship Organization (NHWSO) during the National Junior Holstein Convention. Kylie Konyn, California, and Brianna Meyer, Wisconsin, received $3,000 scholarships and Madelynn Hoffman, Pennsylvania, and Clarissa Ulness, Wisconsin, received $1,500 scholarships.

New Representative Elected to Junior Advisory Committee (JAC)

Three new youth representatives were elected to the National Junior Advisory Committee (JAC) during the National Junior Forum. Madeline Hensel was elected to represent Area III, Jon Chapman was elected to represent Area IV, and Madison Mowrer was elected as the new At-Large member.

The JAC is the governing body of the Junior Association and oversees the organization's activities. Youth committee members are elected by the Junior membership at the National Junior Forum, and members serve two-year terms.

For more information about Junior Holstein Association’s youth programs, visit, or contact Kelli Dunklee, youth programs specialist, at 800.952.5200, ext. 4124, or by email.