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Accelerated Genetics is releasing 10 Holsteins, one Guernsey, one Jersey and one Ayrshire bulls through their Progressive Action Through Cooperative Efforts (PACE) program in October. Semen from these young sires will be allocated to dairy producers participating in the PACE program throughout the country.

Holstein Sires:
014HO06662 Michigan SGT Snorkel 941-ET puts together two of Accelerated Genetics recent highly visible sires. His sire is GENE FORCE star Bowser and his dam is an early daughter of PACE graduate Dotson. Snorkel's dam has completed her first lactation with 32,680M, 3.6%F, 1162F, 3.2%P, 1049P and is classified Very Good-86. His second dam is a Excellent-91 2E Finley with a lifetime of 117,210M, the next dam is Very Good-88 and has lifetime milk total of 111,000M. Michigan State University, Lansing, Mich., bred 014HO06662 Snorkel.

014HO06691 Hendel Madmoney-ET combines high components, great health traits and calving ease into a different sire stacked pedigree. He is a son of Bowser, the genomic young sire who delivers great health traits with a unique sire lineup. Madmoney's dam is an Excellent-93 Mascol daughter that has a top production record over 37,000M, nearly 1300F and almost 1100P. With genomic transmitting abilities of +.06%F, +.06%P, +4.8PL, 7%SCE, 2.67SCS and +1.1DPR and a pedigree free of Shottle, Goldwyn, Planet and Oman, Madmoney is set to deliver profitable outcross genetics to your herd. 014HO06691 Madmoney is from Hendel Farms, Caledonia, Minn.

014HO06699 Cook-Farm Man-O-Gold has great type from a deep cow family along with tremendous ratings for longevity and reproduction. He is a Man-O-Man son from an Excellent Goldwyn daughter with two records over 24,000M with a top of over 1000F. Man-O-Gold's second dam is an Excellent Throne daughter with lifetime production over 110,000M. His genomic transmitting abilities are +2.82T, +2.72UDC, +4.2PL, 2.50SCS, +1.3DPR and is rated at 7% for service sire calving ease, making him a good choice for use on heifers. 014HO06699 Man-O-Gold was bred by Cook Farm, Hadley, Mass.

014HO06705 April-Day Voltage *RC-ET is red factored, high typed and has great health traits. His sire is Destry *RC, the high genomic Goldwyn son that is a +2071GTPI. Voltage's dam is a Very Good-86 Shottle daughter with 26,310M, 3.7%F. 740F, 3.0%P, 780P. The next dam is a Very Good-88 Rubens with 26,110M, 3.8%F, 996F, 3.0%P, 774P. With a GTPI of +2098, along with a PTAT of +3.27, UDC of +3.11 and terrific health traits Voltage looks to be very popular with Red and White and Black and White breeders alike. Edward Peck, Madison, Wis., bred 014HO06705 Voltage.

014HO06710 No-Fla Escrow 28548-ET has a genetically superior balance in his account from an outstanding maternal line. He is sired by Freddie, the breed leading GTPI Oman son. His dam is a long-lived, high production and tremendous type Rudolph daughter who is scored Excellent-94 and has lifetime production over 220,000M. Escrow's granddam is a Excellent-93 3E Blackstar with lifetime produciton total of 179,790M. 014HO06710 Escrow is from North Florida Holsteins, Bell, Fla.

014HO06718 Teemar Boxer Tig-ET is a Boxer son with high PTAT, UDC, FLC and is extremely low in SCS. His dam is a Very Good-87 Manager daughter with 25,050M, 5.1%F, 1283F, 3.5%P, 879P. The second dam is a Very Good-88 Oman with 31,568M, 4.0%F, 1256F, 3.6%P, 1129P. The next two dams are both Excellent with high production records. Don't miss 014HO06718 Tig bred by Mark Paul, Luxemburg, Wis.

014HO06719 Twin-Crik Atwood Atom is an Atwood son, a high genomic Goldwyn son with one of the highest PTAT in the breed, with extreme value for PTAT and udder composite. He is out of a Very Good-89 Shottle with 30,190M, 4.3%F, 1311F, 3.3%P, 999P. The next dam is an Excellent-90 2E Ricecrest Marshall daughter with lifetime production of 122,970M. Atom is low on calving traits beings 7% SCE, 6% DCE and 5.8 DSB. 014HO06719 was bred by Brian Denk, Greenwood, Wis.

014HO06720 Kellercrest Manoman Leon-ET is a Man-O-Man young sire with exceptional components. Leon is out of a Very Good-87 Toystory with a 2 year old record of 36,760M, 3.8%F, 1407F, 3.1%P, 1136P. The granddam is a Very Good-88 Titanic with over 115,000M lifetime. The third dam is Very Good-87 GMD DOM with over 184,000M lifetime. Leon has genomic values of +79F, +65P, +608NM, +2173GTPI, 6%SCE and 6%DCE. Kellercrest Registered Holsteins, Inc., Mt. Horeb, Wis., bred 014HO06720 Leon.

014HO06725 Early-Autumn Hitachi*RC-ET is a Red factored Super son with high milk production, high protein and low calving traits. His dam is a Bolton daughter that produced 28,970M, 3.8%F, 1099F, 3.2%P, 938P in her first lactation. The next dam is Very Good-86 with a best lactation record of 42,430M, 4.0%F, 1692F, 3.2%P, 1377P. Hitachi is a Super x Bolton x Marmax x Tugolo x Patron that provide him a very unique and different pedigree for Red and White enthusiasts. 014HO06725 is from Heatherstone Enterprises, Inc., Baraboo, Wis.

014HO06745 Kenmore Destry Travisty-ET*RC is a high ranking GTPI red carrier Destry son with great health traits and type. He is out of a Good Plus-83 Lawn Boy currently in her first lactation at 2-05 278d, 25,439M, 3.7%F, 933F, 3.1%P, 799P inc. The next two dams are both Very Good with impressive lactations. The fourth dam is Excellent-93 5E DOM with over 277,000M lifetime. With his genomic evaluations for PL at +5.0 indicates long herd life and good reproduction with a +1.9DPR. High PTAT (+2.47) and terrific udders (+2.20UDC) round out the outstanding credientials. Kenneth Larson, Downing, Wis., bred 014HO06745 Travisty.

Guernsey Sire:
014GU00319 Golden J Yogibear Garrett has a pedigree full of high type, components and high ratings for longevity. He is a son of Yogibear, the high type Tiller son with high components. Garrett's dam is a Very Good-87 Challenge daughter that produced over 19,000M with a 4.7%F and 3.3%P. The next dam is Excellent with two records over 24,000M with very high butterfat tests. He has parent averages of +.13%F, +.04%P, +1.8T, +1.9UDC and +2.3FLC, in addition he is rated at +3.5 for productive life and +127PTI. 014GU00319 Garrett was bred by Dairybelt Guernsey Sires, Columbus, Ohio.

Jersey Sire:
014JE00568 Tollenaars Headline Lou-ET is a high ranking young sire from the heart of a proven cow family. He is a Headline son, the high ranking JPI sire known for high health traits. Lou's dam is a Very Good-88 Impuls who is a full sister to breed leading JPI sire Louie. The second dam is Excellent-91 with a top record of over 30,000M. Lou has genomic transmitting abilites over +1000M, +44F, nearly +6.0PL, +0.9DPR and +191GJPI. Tollenaar Jerseys, Elk Grove, Calif., bred 014JE00568 Lou.

Ayrshire Sire:
014AY00030 Family-Af-Ayr Rem DBL Barrel-ET*TF is a young sire to make the All-American type cattle. He is sired by Mapleburn Remington, a top 30 LPI bull in Canada and is the highest Conformation sire at +19. DBL Barrel is out of an Excellent-91 Calimero daughter who was second place 4 year old at the World Dairy Expo in 2010 and Reserve All-American 4 year old in 2010. The next dam is Excellent-95 and sired by Daltondale's Kellogg with over 150,000M lifetime. Family Af-Ayr Farm, LLC., Caledonia, Ill., bred 014AY00030 DBL Barrel.

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