Recent advances by BioTracking LLC now allow BioPRYN and BioPRYNQK users to determine the pregnancy status of livestock as early as 28 days post-breeding. When applied at 28 days post-breeding or later, these tests correctly identify greater than 99 percent of pregnant cows. This change to earlier application of the BioPRYN test gives producers greater flexibility to apply the pregnancy test and still maintains the same high-level of accuracy. Producers are able to increase reproductive efficiencies in their herds by identifying open cows earlier than previously available. Two more days to identify open animals and rebreed them saves on cost of days open and also allows producers to confidently resynchronize cows identified as open with improved BioPRYN. "The movement from 30 to 28 days post breeding resulted from continued research by BioTracking and through our commitment to providing livestock producers and veterinarians with the most up-to-date and technologically advanced solutions available," says Doug Pals, BioTracking director of marketing. "Our main goal is to be on the leading edge of technology in diagnostic testing through research within the blood based pregnancy market and other diagnostic tests." For more information on how to implement blood pregnancy testing in your herd, contact Jeremy Howard at (208) 882-9736, email: or go to: Producers attending the Dairy Cattle Reproductive Council (DCRC) annual Meeting November 10-11th can stop by the BioTracking booth to learn more about the updated BioPRYN test. 11.03.2011