The Holstein Association USA, Inc. board of directors held its fall meeting in Chicago, Ill. on November 17-18. President Chuck Worden chaired the session. The board approved the 2012 Management-by-Objective Business Plan and associated budget, as presented by management. The Business Plan projects growth in sales of Holstein Association USA's core products and services. New for 2012, herd owners enrolled in Holstein COMPLETESM will receive volume discounts for genomic testing. Holstein COMPLETE provides a financial incentive for participating in several of the Association's products and services. The package includes membership, registration, classification, mating information, pedigrees, and production records. Update on 2011 Business Plan Management is pleased to announce registrations through November 12 were 303,800, up 3 percent over 2010. Regular transfers, for the same period, were up over 7 percent. Reporting through October, Holstein COMPLETE enrollment totaled 254,006 cows and 1,807 herds. This represents 6 percent more cows and 3 percent more herds since the end of 2010. AgriTech Analytics (ATA) General Manager Bill VerBoort reported ATA has processed records on 882,377 animals through the end of October. This is a 2 percent increase in the number of records processed the same time last year at the Association's dairy records processing center, located in Visalia, Calif. Committee Reports The board of directors heard reports from the Audit, Genetic Advancement (GAC), Junior Advisory (JAC), Legislative Affairs, and Show Committees. The board approved a recommendation from the Genetic Advancement Committee to officially report carrier status for haplotypes impacting fertility (HH1, HH2, and HH3) from the new 6K SNP genomic test. This will become effective with the next genetic evaluation, scheduled for December. The Junior Advisory Committee made several recommendations which the board approved. Requirements have been streamlined for juniors who want to participate in junior production awards and the scrapbook and folding display contests. In an effort to encourage more participation in junior programs, the board approved the JAC's recommendations to simplify the applications for Distinguished Junior Member and Distinguished Young Junior Member recognitions, starting in 2013. Details will be provided on the Association's website. From the Show Committee, the board approved the International Show at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis. and 10 National Shows for 2012. The list includes National Spring Shows in Columbus, Ohio; Stillwater, Okla.; Jefferson, Wis.; and Richmond, Utah; the National Summer Show in Columbus, Ohio; and National Fall Shows in St. Paul, Minn.; Puyallup, Wash.; Springfield, Mass.; Harrisburg, Pa.; and Louisville, Ky. The board also approved Syracuse, N.Y., as the site of the 2012 Judges Conference, to be held in conjunction with the New York Spring Dairy Carousel, and approved 36 judges for the 2012 National Judges List and 64 judges for the 2012 Qualified Judges List. Other Business In keeping with the policy to allow the release for reuse of a prefix after 20 years of non-use, the board will release of 2,149 prefixes effective December 31, 2011. Upcoming Meetings The next board meetings are: · March 22-23, 2012, Hartford, Ct. · June 26-27, 2012, Springfield, Mo. 11.23.2011