Main Territory is West and Southwest U.S.

Nate Goldenberg is the new Sales Manager for Soy Best. Goldenberg's main territory will be the West and Southwest United States. He was raised on a small dairy farm in central Oklahoma, and was among the first to use Soy Best in the early 1990s, and has recommended it since then as a consulting nutritionist to dairy clients throughout the Southwest. "I'm a true believer in Soy Best," Goldenberg said. "It is by far the most digestible, highest bypass, natural plant protein source with added gums to enhance energy and fat digestibility." "Nate's depth of experience and enthusiasm for the industry and for Soy Best make him a perfect fit to lead our sales effort in the West and Southwest," Mark R. Knobbe, CEO of Soy Best, said. "He will be a key to developing new customers and helping our existing ones maximize their production." Goldenberg noted that Soy Best is one of the most highly researched bypass protein products on the market. "Grain States Soya is second to none in quality control and product research, and that all adds up to a great reputation in the marketplace. Becoming a part of this team is a great opportunity to tell the Soy Best story." Recent research that includes rumen degradation rate, lysine bioavailability and intestinal digestibility has led to increased understanding of Soy Best and its value for profitable milk production. For over 50 years, Grain States Soya, Inc., has been helping producers and nutritionists meet the demands of high-producing dairy cows - with high bypass protein that's easy to feed and easy to see results. Soy Best High Bypass Soybean Meal is the choice of many leading dairy nutritionists and producers in the USA and internationally. The company's all-natural process of mechanical extraction carefully controls the cooking temperature of soybeans for optimum nutrient availability. To learn more about Soy Best go to 12.02.2011