World Ag Expo, the largest international annual agricultural exposition, held in Tulare, California each year has named ai24™'s SCR HR™-Tag one of its Top 10 New Products!

Semex"The Top-10 new products are a favorite ‘must-see' among World Ag Expo visitors," said 2012 World Ag Expo chairman, Patty Colson. "Attendees should make sure to stop by the New Products center to view this year's winners."

A group of judges made up of farmers, ranchers and industry professionals selected the Top-10 New Products. All of the winners will be showcased inside the New Product Pavilion on Expo Lane and R Street.

ai24™'s SCR HR-Tag™ is a revolutionary technology that combines rumination, heat detection and cow identification functionality in one unit, giving dairymen a tool to monitor their cows 24 hours a day. This technology will change the way dairymen manage and interact with their herd, providing value through reduced days open, early detection of health problems, increased pregnancy rates and much more.

ai24™'s SCR HR-Tag™ rumination monitoring technology was recognized for providing the following advantages to dairymen:

One-of-a-kind technology -no other commercially available solution like it in the market.

  • Multifunctional tags -combines identification, activity monitoring and rumination monitoring in one single tag.
  • Unparalleled accuracy -customers report up to 95% heat detection accuracy. The rumination monitoring accuracy has been scientifically confirmed in an independent study.
  • Highly reliable -Infra red communication, no regulatory constraints.
  • Easy to use -detailed graphic information only a few keystrokes away
  • Simple to install.
  • Scalability -can be utilized as a report up to standalone PC based system and later accuracy.

To find out more, join us February 14-16, 2012 at World Ag Expo in Tulare, California at the Semex booth location (6413, 6414, 6415) in the Farm Credit Dairy Center and in the New Products Center at NP208.

If you're not attending World Ag Expo, please contact ai24™ Program Manger Chris Sheahan at 1-877-545-ai24 or at