The release of December 2011 USDA Genetic Evaluations marked the seventh sire summary in a row that ABS has led the industry in the number of Holstein USA's list of Top 100 TPI list sires. December's run included 34 ABS sires – more than any in the industry.

"The ABS lineup is more solid than ever," stated Scott Bentley, global dairy product manager. "Along with graduating seven outstanding individuals, ABS has solidified its position as the ‘World Leader in Bovine Genetics' with 34 sires on the Top 100 TPI list and undeniable second crop success."

The leader at ABS for TPI, 29HO13664 Morningview LEVI remains number two in the industry for TPI and leads the list in cheese merit. He continues to be an icon for profit-minded dairy breeders, and his extreme production and superior health traits make him a logical choice for making profitable, long-lasting cows.

Trigger daughter photoABS had the top two new releases on the Top 100 TPI list this December. SHOTTLE son 29HO13846 Lars-Acres Shot TRIGGER-ET, debuted at +2144 TPI and adds over two points on udder, feet and legs and type to make daughters that look the part and perform to their genetic potential. A former Primetime™ bull, TRIGGER is no stranger to ABS customers, and his SHOTTLE x VG-88 BOLIVER pedigree reflects rock solid ABS results.

Photo: 29HO13846 TRIGGER dtr: Lars-Acres Trigger 7950 GP-82, Larson Acres, Evansville, WI

ABS' second high release was 29HO13891 Coldsprings GAFFNEY-ET, a Buckeye x Oman with +2048 TPI and +611 CM$. GAFFNEY is a calving ease specialist at 6%, and was named an ABS Feed Efficiency sire right out of the gate. His daughters are perfectly suited for commercial operations and have outstanding mammary systems.

29HO11614 Ked Outside JEEVES-ET had an outstanding proof day, adding 1,566 production daughters to his proof and improving his TPI by +116. He also became the leading productive life sire in the breed at +8.7, and improved his DPR by +.9 to +2.4. JEEVES now stands with elite company as one of the top three TPI bulls in the breed that have 99% reliability, along with SHOTTLE and Planet.

Jersey sire 29JE3615 JUPITER has jumped onto the scene this run, with +225 JPI, +27 higher than the number two Jersey sire. JUPITER comes from four Excellent dams, and his deep pedigreed family is a great cross on Impuls blood with its Duncan and sooner influence. JUPITER's daughters are positioned to have a leading genetic package to ensure customer satisfaction.

ABS Goldwyn sons are stronger than ever and truly in a league all their own. With 10 sons offered, the ABS lineup offers a diversity of type and health traits that appeal to producers industry-wide. ABS has four Goldwyn sons over +3.00 for PTAT – 29HO13601 ZELGADIS, 94HO13666 DESTRY*RC, 29HO12646 BOSSMAN, and 29HO13426 GOLDROY.

ZELGADIS stormed onto the scene in August and has taken a leadership role among ABS Goldwyn sons. His exceptional type at +3.08 PTAT and TPI at +2013 reflect his impressive cow family, backed by a JUROR grand dam that is still producing after 10 lactations. ZELGADIS daughters are thoroughly impressive, strong, balanced cows with long frames and exceptional udders.

DESTRY*RC has become a household name at ABS, and is a new graduate from the Judge's Choice™ lineup and St. Jacobs program. DESTRY transmits the show-winning type that discriminating breeders are looking for, and his daughters have shallow, well-attached udders with height and width of rear udder. He debuted as a top 50 TPI sire with +3.13 PTAT.

To implement any of these sires into your breeding program, contact your local ABS representative or call 1-800-ABS-STUD.

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