Hamlet Protein, an innovator in high-quality vegetable proteins which answer the nutritional needs of young animals, is holding a grand opening ceremony for its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Findlay, OH, on Friday, January 27th. Healthy sales growth in North America and other business sectors in recent years has prompted the need for Hamlet Protein to expand its manufacturing capacity. The multi-million dollar investment in the U.S. facility supports continued sales growth of the company's soy protein products for young livestock in Canada, the United States and Mexico, according to SØren Munch, Chief Executive Office, Hamlet Protein. Hamlet Protein's proprietary bioconversion technology requires minimal energy consumption, uses a chemical-free manufacturing process and generates minimal waste. The Midwest presents an ideal location for the new manufacturing facility as it offers easy access to raw materials and an established customer base. Hamlet Protein's successful focus on diets for young pigs is expanding to include the full range of young livestock: poultry, calf, aqua and pets as well as pigs. Attractive Protein Source Over the last 20 years, Hamlet Protein products have become recognized as efficient sustainable alternatives to conventional protein sources. The use of high-quality ingredients, such as Hamlet's proteins, supports efforts to decrease the routine feeding of medication, according to SØren Bank, Chief Commercial Officer at Hamlet Protein. With a customer base in 50 countries worldwide, the Hamlet range of protein products has a well documented track record of success. The demand for high-quality, sustainable protein sources across a wide range of young animal feed applications continues to increase. Hamlet Protein is prepared to support feed manufacturers and nutritionists in all livestock segments with nutrition and feed optimization. About Hamlet Protein Hamlet Protein A/S, headquartered in Horsens, Denmark, was founded in 1992 by Ole K. Hansen and recorded non-stop growth for 15 years. In 2007, the Danish equity fund Polaris acquired a majority shareholding as part of a generational succession – and with a clear objective of further growing the company worldwide. Hamlet Protein's products offer major benefits in feeding young animals. The palatability of products from Hamlet Protein encourages high feed intake. Without compromising the protein quality in any way, Hamlet Protein's unique bioconversion process reduces most of the anti-nutritional factors naturally present in soy to negligible levels. This enhances digestibility and allows full exploitation of the animal's growth potential. Hamlet Protein products also offer a high degree of functionality and are tailor-made to offer optimum performance in individual applications. Hamlet Protein products support increased profit by offering clear and demonstrable benefits to the bottom line. 1.20.2012