WMMB Uses New Tools to Inform Wisconsinites of Dairy Industry's Impact in State

YouTube Channel, Motion Graphics Video Launch Feb. 1

Wisconsin Milk Marketing BoardThe Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB) is continuing its effort to inform Wisconsin residents about the importance of the state's dairy industry with the launch of a new motion graphics video, the "Dairy Dollar," and a dedicated Dairy Impact YouTube channel.

"Over the past 10 years, WMMB and many others have worked to help consumers understand the value the dairy industry brings to the state's economy," said Patrick Geoghegan, senior vice president of corporate communications for WMMB. "Our new tools reinforce this message but also highlight the personal connection Wisconsin residents have with the dairy industry."

"The ‘Dairy Dollar' video helps illustrate how something as simple as buying a piece of cheese or a gallon of milk impacts not only the dairy industry, but local Wisconsin businesses and communities."

WMMB video imageThe motion graphics video, the "Dairy Dollar," follows the story of a dollar bill as it moves through the Wisconsin economy and is reinvested into local communities. The story begins with the purchase of a wedge of cheese. The dollar helps support environmentally friendly and sustainable farming operations, reduce Wisconsin's carbon footprint, preserve farmland and produce high-quality products. Next, a portion of the dollar is reinvested back into Wisconsin communities through local businesses and taxes that fund schools, roads and parks. Finally, the original dollar comes back to benefit the resident who purchased the cheese. You can view the "Dairy Dollar" video at www.youtube.com/DairyImpactWisconsin.

In addition to the two and one-half-minute motion graphics video, the Dairy Impact Wisconsin YouTube channel will house other informational dairy videos and commercials. To help tell the story and support the video, residents will also see a 30-second TV ad debut during the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) Basketball Championship in March.

To learn more about the impact that dairy farms have on Wisconsin's economy, environment and communities, visit www.DairyDoingMore.org.