Wisconsin Livestock Identification ConsordiumIt is a common misconception amongst producers that it takes a significant investment to get started using RFID technology on the farm and that it only works for the large farms. Years ago, this may have been true, but this is no longer the case. RFID tags have become cheaper over the years (down from $6 to about $2) and so has the technology you can use with these tags. The technologies available today serve as building blocks where individuals can buy as they go.

If you milk 100 cows and have a computer with Microsoft Excel, you can buy a RFID reader with lookup capabilities, some simple data entry tools and RFID tags for the entire herd for about $1,500. The on- going cost of about $100 per year covers the cost of tags for the calf crop.

By investing in RFID technology you can have better records and reduce mistakes, which can sometimes be costly. If you wish to invest at a later date in software or integrate with other technologies on your farm, the money did not go to waste because today, most of the technology is compatible.

The educational event on March 6th will highlight the various tools that are available to producers today, stories will be shared by producers that are currently using the technology and how they progressed to where they are today. The guest speakers and producer panel include:

• Dr. David Kammel – UW Biological Systems Engineering
• Dr. Jim Meronek – DVM, USDA-APHIS, VS
• Craig Walter – Valley Ag Software
• Mike Meyer - Manager of Meyer Family Dairy, LLC
• Dr. Robert Fourdraine, WLIC, COO
• Mike Peters – UW Dept. of Dairy Science Herd Administrator
• Corey Hodorff – Manger of Second-Look Holsteins, LLC
• Sally Griswold – Manager of Fergs White Clover Dairy

The event will also feature table tops from the following companies to answer any questions:

• Y-tex
• Valley Ag Software
• eNasco
• Allflex
• ProfitSource (DairyQuest & HeiferPRO)
• AgSource
• Fort Supply Technologies
• Vet-Sentry
• Temple Tag
• I.D.ology
• Tru-Test

As you leave the meeting you will have a better understanding of the capabilities of RFID for herd management and how to get started without spending a fortune.

If you would like to attend the event, make your lunch reservation today: Call: 608.848.5237 or Email: cwiese@wiid.org