The Ayrshire Breeders' Association ended the 2011 calendar year on a positive note. Registrations were up 8%, transfers were up nearly 3% and net assets for the year were positive. A budget for 2012 was approved allowing for new projects while projecting a positive year-end balance. Increased travel throughout the year by staff and directors will be done to target areas where field service will be beneficial. Breeders are encouraged to contact the ABA if assistance with registration and transfer work would be helpful. An update was made for animal identification. Animals born after June 1, 2012, that are identified with American ID tags must have two forms of identification: ie two tags or one tag with an official tattoo. Animals that are 75% Ayrshire or less will be registered at the rate of $7.50. This change in registration fees was done to encourage greater participation in registry. The Board of Directors has worked to stress the importance of increasing production and greater profitability over the past several years. The first step was the implementation of an improved cow performance index and production type index. The next focus has been to increase education and awareness of young sires available through A.I. The ABA is also working to assist A.I., as much as possible, to find a variety of pedigrees with increased production potential. The Directors recently approved a program to offer a registration incentive for young sire daughters. For every in-tact, readable unit of semen turned into the ABA for bulls born before 1990, the ABA will provide a $3 credit for registrations submitted from March 1, 2012 through March 1, 2013 on current A.I. young sire daughters. Another action was taken to increase the focus on increased production for the breed. Beginning in 2013, the unfresh fall yearling class will be eliminated from ABA national shows and the All-American contest. The discussion for this change was focused on profitability and increased production. Animals in this class are two years old by the time they show in national shows and many are often not bred. The Board of Directors approved the following slate of candidates for the 2012 elections: Region 1 – Richard Caverly, Benton, ME and Dale Maulfair, Jonestown, PA Region 2 – Neal Smith, Smyrna, TN and Mark Valentine, Thurmont, MD Region 3 – Jessica Gatton Dixon, Conway, MO and Darryl Keehner, Guttenberg, IA At Large - Pamella Jeffrey, Wakefield, RI 02.28.2012