The Dairy Practices Council is excited to announce the distribution of five guidelines:

REVISED Guideline 58, Guidelines for Sizing Dairy Farm Water Heater Systems. This is the third edition of this popular and handy reference. It has been updated to show the latest technology applicable to dairy farm hot water needs to clean pipeline milker systems. REVISED Guideline 85, Six Steps to Success- Successful Production of Low Somatic Cell Count Milk. This guideline, in its second edition, is available in both English and Spanish, has been revised with several new photos and tables. This guideline is a training Power point presentation and is available on CD or as a PDF Digital file on the DPC website. REVISED Guideline 97, Guideline for the Direct Loading of Milk from the Milking Parlor into Bulk Milk Tankers. Originally published in 2004, this update takes into account all the current technology and procedures for large dairy farms that load milk directly into bulk milk tankers. NEW Guideline 98, Guidelines for Milking Procedures for Dairy Cattle. This new guideline details Standard Operating Procedures for milking in: • Linear Parlors • Stall Barns, • Tandem, Flat or Step-up Parlors • Rotary Parlors NEW Guideline 108, Guidelines for Proper Cooling of Milk on Dairy Farms. This guideline is a combination of Guidelines 48 and 65. This new guideline will provide up-to-date information, including revised tables, on how to properly size and maintain cooling systems for farm bulk tanks. It includes information on pre-coolers and offers troubleshooting tips. Upon Guideline 108s release, Guidelines 48 and 65 will be out of print. Members who receive guidelines on CD, will receive a CD containing the complete set of DPC Guidelines. All guidelines are now available on the DPC website: The Dairy Practices Council is a non-profit organization of education, industry, and regulatory personnel concerned with milk quality, sanitation, and regulatory uniformity. Visit our website: 3.20.2012