President Chuck Worden presided at the spring Holstein Association USA, Inc. board of directors meeting held in Windsor Locks, Ct., March 22-23. The Business Plan portion of the meeting included results of 2011 objectives and updates on 2012 objectives. The board heard reports from the Audit and Nominating committees. Program Activity Early first quarter member activity is strong. Management reported registrations through March 17th of 81,643, up 2 percent from the same time last year. Through March 17th, transfers totaled 13,246, up 11 percent from 2011. Reporting Holstein COMPLETESM activity through March 15th, enrollment totaled 268,132 cows and 1,839 herds, an increase of 5 percent and 1 percent respectively, since the end of last year. The Association introduced two expanded options for the Holstein COMPLETE program in 2012. These additional services include package pricing for dairy records processing and the Association's new Dairy RhythmsTM herd management software. Milk Marketing As part of the Association's ongoing efforts to reduce milk price volatility, the board approved a motion to encourage Congress to pass the Dairy Security Act, HR 3062, as soon as possible. A formal resolution will be presented to Congress urging passage of either the Dairy Security Act, HR 3062, or a Farm Bill containing the provisions of the Dairy Security Act. Upcoming Meetings The next board of directors meeting will be held June 26-27, in Springfield, Mo. in conjunction with the Association's 127th Annual Meeting and convention. The fall board meeting will take place in Chicago, Ill., November 14-15. 4.02.2012