Peggy Biltz, CEO of Dairy Council of California, will retire at the end of the fiscal year (June 30), after 22 years in this position.

Under Biltz' leadership, Dairy Council worked to ensure that more than 90 percent of California schools use their nutrition education materials. She also bolstered Dairy Council's nutrition education mission and aggressively worked to build its influence in a challenging California educational market. With a staff of 50 professionals across the State of California, the organization currently reaches millions of children and adults each year through nutrition education programs in schools, collaboration with health professionals and the use of digital technology. In 2000, Biltz spearheaded a dairy industry effort to change the Dairy Council of California law and adjust the assessment formula allowing the organization to expand its reach in California. Her most recent strategic efforts have been to demonstrate to health opinion leaders the importance of including all food groups as part of a balanced diet while proactively positioning milk and milk products as an "irreplaceable" food group for maintaining health. Biltz, a registered dietitian and former educator, spent 5 years with Dairy Council as a nutrition consultant and then returned to the organization in 1990 as CEO after completing her MBA at UCLA and role as the first executive director of the California Dietetic Association. "The dairy industry has a long history of giving back to its communities," Biltz said in announcing her retirement. "I'm very proud of my affiliation with the industry and the commitment of dairy families to nutrition education and health promotion." In making her decision, Biltz is confident that the organization is in good hands with a strong committed board and staff. Board Chair Andy Rynsburger will chair a search committee made up of members of Dairy Council's executive committee to name a replacement. 4.11.2012