Robert Fourdraine AgSource Cooperative Services is pleased to announce that Robert Fourdraine has accepted the title of Vice President of Product Services and Development, effective May 1, 2012. Fourdraine will coordinate the research, development and support of current and new management information products for dairy producer members of the cooperative. Identification of producer needs and creation of management information aimed at meeting those needs will be a primary focus of the position. In this role, he will also manage activities in support of academic and independent research pertaining to the dairy industry.

"Robert's education and work experience are a perfect fit with the needs of this position," notes Pat Baier, AgSource Vice President of DHI Operations. "Product development, education and outreach have been key components of positions he has held. His working knowledge of the dairy industry will serve him and our dairy producer members well."

Fourdraine earned a bachelor's degree in agricultural engineering and a master's degree in agricultural engineering and soil science from the Agricultural University of Wageningen, located in his native country, The Netherlands. He continued his education at Texas A&M University, and earned a Ph.D. in animal science in 1994.

Fourdraine spent eight years with the Texas Dairy Herd Improvement Association, where he developed computer programs and analytical tools used to analyze DHIA records. While there, he also managed the Milk Analysis Lab and milk testing operations and provided support and training to producers, consultants and veterinarians utilizing the organization's services.

In 1996, he became the Director of Dairy Management Programs at Holstein USA. There he employed his computer programming skills, developing software programs that vastly improved efficiency of identifying animals electronically. He was also responsible for development of customized software programs for various A.I. companies as well as the Holstein Association's EASY electronic registration application system.

Fourdraine led the national Farm Animal Identification and Records program (F.A.I.R.) development team. Under his direction, a system was created to uniquely identify animals across species and breed, while allowing for tracking farm origin and animal movement.

Most recently, he has served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium, Inc. (WLIC). For the past eight years, he has worked tirelessly to build consensus among industry stakeholders, while implementing an efficient system within the state to identify animals and premises in order to ensure animal health and a safe food supply. Fourdraine has represented the Wisconsin livestock industry on the national level in the area of livestock identification and has held numerous leadership positions on national boards. He just completed a two-year term as Chairman of the National Institute of Animal Agriculture.

"AgSource has a vested interest in the continued success of WLIC's programs and services," states Pat Baier. "Our cooperative will continue to cooperate with and support their mission and efforts. Robert's assistance with WLIC's transition to new leadership will be a priority."

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